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DL Validator

A dynamic Node application that can validate links to various file storage services, ensuring that the files haven't expired or been removed.

Features include:

  • Service support for popular file storage services (dropbox, google drive, mega, etc).
  • Multiple Input Processors (SQL Query, CSV, etc).
  • Multiple Result Handlers (Slack integration, google spreadsheet, console, etc).
  • Ability to easy integrate custom plugins for any of the above features.
  • Support for redirects (including invalidating a link if it redirects).
  • Proxy support (no auth or basic auth only currently)
  • Configuration purely via JSON for maximum customization.

Getting Started


Input Processors

Numerous common inputs are supported. See "Custom Plugins" if you would like to implement your own. Use a single input, or combine multiple (NOT FINISHED AND HARD TO USE).

SQL (Sequelize)

Query any database supported by Sequelize!

"input_processors" : {
  "my_sql_input_processor" : {
    "enabled" : true,
    "type" : "sql_db",
    "host" : "",
    "username" : "dbuser",
    "password" : "example_password",
    "dialect" : "mysql",
    "database" : "somedb",
    "dl_link_column" : "dl_link",
    "query" : "SELECT dl_link, name, date from link_table"


  • host - URL or IP of the SQL database you are querying. Can be file path to SQLite file.
  • username - username of user connecting to DB.
  • password - password of user connecting the DB.
  • dialect - Type of dialect to use / type of SQL database. Below is a list of supported dialects
    • mysql
    • sqlite
    • postgres
    • mssql
  • database - database name
  • dl_link__column - The column containing the DL link to validate. MUST be selected in your query. Without this, it will fail.
  • query - SQL Select query, all columns selected will be added as attributes.

Result Handlers

Numerous common inputs are supported. See "Custom Plugins" if you would like to implement your own. Can use multiple result handlers (send the same to slack and to a google spreadsheet!)

Slack Integration

"result_handlers" : {
  "bobs_slack_integration" : {
      "enabled" : true,
      "type" : "slack",
      "incomingWebHookURL" : "",
      "invalidMessageFormat" : {
          "text" : "Invalid Link message!",
          "attachments" : [
                  "text": "Black text.",
                  "color": "#000000"
                  "text": "<{{link_to_somewhere}}|Link In Slack!>",
                  "color": "good"
      "redirectMessageFormat" : {
        "attachments" : [
                "text": "Redirecting Download Link Found.",
                "color": "danger"
                "text": "Redirecting Hosts:\n{{redirectingHosts}}",
                "color": "danger"


  • incomingWebHookURL - The Incoming Webhook URL setup for your Slack.
  • invalidMessageFormat - Template-able - Message format for invalid messages.
  • redirectMessageFormat (optional) -- Template-able - Message format for redirecting links. Requires isRedirectInvalid = true to be used. See more info in redirects section.

For information on the above message format options, look at the Slack Incoming Webhook documentation

Proxy Support

Add proxy use for all requests by adding a proxy object to the master config. If username and password are provided, all requests will use HTTP Basic auth. //TODO - above is only valid for templated proxies atm..

The below example config uses a numeric template to generic proxy hostnames automatically, like: ...

"proxy" : {
  "enabled" : true,
  "username" : "proxy_user",
  "password" : "proxy_password",
  "proxies" : {
      "template" : "",
      "min" : 1,
      "max" : 100


  • username - username for proxy server.
  • password - password for proxy server.
  • proxies - An array of proxy hosts, or object with a numeric template.
    • template - A standard template string (printf style).
    • min - min number for template string
    • max - max number for template string.


Redirects can be handled in a variety of ways.

  • Setting invalidIfRedirected to true in the master configuration will cause links that redirect to be treated as "invalid".
  • If a link redirects, the program will follow it and run the same process.


There are a few optimization tweaks you can make in the master config to improve the speed/effectiveness of the program.


Good to use if you aren't using proxies, and are worried about being request limited/throttled. With delay, you can set amount of milliseconds to wait before trying to validate another download link.


Sometimes a site/server fails, so we allow retries. With retries, you can set the maximum amount of retries.

Custom Plugins


Required Plugin Values

  • enabled - whether or not the processor is enabled or not. If you fail to declare this true, your plugin will never be loaded.
  • type - name of the plugin's javascript file.




NodeJS program to validate a link leads to an available file on various file storage services.







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