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HOTSBA - Heroes of the Storm Ban Aid

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HOTSBA is a informational tool to help you decide who to ban during draft, based upon heroes what your opponents and teammates play often.

** Note: This Project is currently not maintained, and its functionality is limited due to the hiding of player names in Draft! However, if anyone still wants to use it for their teammates, you are welcome!




How Do I Use HOTSBA?

Download an installer from above, run it! After sometime (and update checking), HOTSBA will appear.

Simply click in a textbox under "Player", enter in someones name, hit "TAB", and it will query for their rankings/most played/skilled heroes!

Repeat until you have the enemy team mapped out! Also available is an "Allies" team, incase you want to see what they play!

What benefit do I gain over HotsStats/HotsLogs Uploader?

HOTSBA is meant to be used during the draft phase. Both of the above tools currently do not present any information until the loading screen/after draft has happened.

What does HOTSBA it stand for?

Heroes Of The Storm Ban Aid.

Does HOTSLOGS know about this?

I've been communicating with Ben from HOTSLOGS. And I got his permission for the "Powered By" snippet at the footer. Without data from HOTSLOGS, this tool would be nothing, so props to him!

Will I get banned for using this?

Never say never, but this is no different than loading up, and searching your enemies at the draft screen. HOTSBA does not read memory, or interact with the HOTS executable in any way. Both of these would be against Blizzard's terms of service.

Can't you make it so I don't have to type in the names of players?

No. This involves reading memory or doing some sort of insane pixel OCR.

Why is the Windows installer gif so strange/weird. ARE YOU HACKING MY COMPUTER?

It's based upon Squirrel. I learned about all of this + build servers in nearly two days, so I haven't had time to make a .gif that doesn't seem completely different from the HOTSBA theme.

Designers feel free to come up with an nice gif to show during install!

How do I use a proxy?

Click configure proxy.

Fill out the info. Leave username and password blank if the proxy requires no authorization.

Make sure your URL includes http or https.

Hit save and restart, and all traffic (besides auto updates) should be going through your proxy once HOTSBA restarts.

This will store your proxy configuration in plaintext on your computer.


Please send feedback/suggestions to

Can I Donate?

Sure! I incurred some costs, like getting an Apple Developer subscription so that the OS X auto updater would work (apps must be signed!)

Developer Stuff

NPM scripts

  • npm start - starts up HOTSBA locally, in development mode (auto updater is diabled..)
  • npm run genTemplates - generates all of the mustache templates in app/ui/templates
  • npm run dist - builds installers, for your current platform.


Thanks to arc (some dev help), and all my friends who helped me test.

Thanks to Ben @ HOTSLOGS for being open and communicating with me!

Shoutouts to the players I commonly run into in TL or HL!