An Android App "framework" for sentence completion exercises.
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An Android App "framework" for sentence completion exercises.

This "app" was intended to be a companion for the book "The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem", by the late Nathaniel Branden. I was in contact with Mr.Branden and co. to publish/release the app for free, when suddenly I was told to remove all content related to his book, and not associate myself with it. So here is the "skeleton" that was built around the idea of "sentence stem completion".

A note on code quality

I built this during my toughest year at IUP, and it was my first "real" dive into Android (3.0 and fragments were just coming out around this time). The code quality (and formatting) is that of a stressed for time college student. Maybe one day I will fix it, but please keep this in mind.