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This plugin adds a ConsentBox to the Joomla Core contacts extension
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IMPORTANT NOTE: This Plugin is discontinued as this plugin has now been implementd in the Joomla Core with Joomla 3.9.0 as Content - ConfirmConsent

ConsentBox Plugin

This plugin adds a consent checkbox to the Joomla Core contacts extension


This plugin creates a single checkbox field in the joomla core contact form where you can make sure the privacy message is checked. But this works without custom fields enabled. This plugin also allows a consent note to be appended to the email message.


Initial setup the plugin

  • Download & install the latest version of this plugin
  • Enable the plugin from the Plugin Manager
  • Create an override for the following strings foreache language you use:
    • PLG_CONTENT_CONSENTBOX_CONSENTBOX_TEXT => Message showed to the user in the frontend.
    • PLG_CONTENT_CONSENTBOX_CONSENT_MESSAGE_TEXT => Message appended to the email


There is just one option in the plugin setting where you can decide to include the message (PLG_CONTENT_CONSENTBOX_CONSENT_MESSAGE_TEXT) at the end of the email or not. As the language string is by default not set to anything usefull this option is disabled by default.

Update Server

Please note that my update server only supports the latest version running the latest version of Joomla and atleast PHP 7.0. Any other plugin version I may have added to the download section don't get updates using the update server.

Beyond this repo

This plugin has been offerd to the Joomla Core to be part of the upcomming Privacy Framework. For that reason the plugin was rewritten and renamed to plg_content_consentboxes for to the needs of the core distribution. The current progress can be found here: