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A ZTM Challenge for Hacktoberfest 2019
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Sharpen your pencils, we're getting creative!

Animation Nation

Hello and welcome to Animation Nation, a ZTM project for Hacktoberfest 2019! This site aims to showcase the creative talents of the ZTM community :)


The rules are simple. You have to:

  • Use HTML <divs> and CSS only! No JS, and no SVGs!
  • Have at least one animation in your work
  • Please make sure that the code is indeed your own, and not copied from someone else
  • That's it!

All discussions around this event can now be had in our #hacktoberfest-2019 channel on Discord!

How to contribute

If you've never forked a repository or made a pull request before, we recommend making your first one over at That will count towards your total, and then you'll be ready to take on this challenge with your new GitHub skills!

A cool resource to learn about the fork workflow can also be found here -

Now, once you've forked this repo and got a local version up on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. In the Art directory (folder), create a directory named after yourself.
  2. Within this folder you just made, create two files, an HTML file, and a CSS file.
  3. Link your CSS file to your HTML file.
  4. Using only HTML and CSS (no <script> allowed!!), create a work of art! It can be as simple or as complex as you like, as long as it's animated in some way!
  5. Get a screen recording of your finished work, and make a gif! Try to crop it so that it looks good as a smallish (preferably squarish) image. Save this in your directory, together with your HTML and CSS files. Static screenshots are also acceptable.
  6. Go to the root include.js. You will see an array of objects, each one represents a work of art that someone has created. Copy an example object and paste it at the end, filling it out with your art information and links:
let cards = [
    //  Add your card in this section
      artName: "Triangle",
      pageLink: "./Art/Joy/triangle.html",
      imageLink: "./Art/Joy/triangle.gif",
      author: "Joy",
      githubLink: ""
  1. Save everything, and commit to your repo.
  2. Make a pull request!

And congratulations! You're all done. Have fun!

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