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⚛️ A place for developers to show recruiters they are available for hire
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A place for developers to show recruiters that they are available for hire. Feel free to contribute and improve this in any way you see fit.

How to add your name to the list

To add your name to the list, simply open persons.json file in the src/assets folder, and then add your own row at the bottom, using the below template:
( Don't include the square brackets "[ ]" !!! They are just there to indicate an example placeholder. )

    name: "[YOUR_FULL_NAME]",
    img: "[YOUR_IMG_URL]",
    links: {
      website: "[YOUR_WEBSITE_URL]",
      linkedin: "[YOUR_LINKEDIN_URL]",
      github: "[YOUR_GITHUB_URL]"
    jobTitle: "[YOUR_TITLE]",
    location: {
      city: "[YOUR_CITY]",
      state: "[YOUR_STATE_OR_PROVINCE]",
      country: "[YOUR_COUNTRY]"

Please note!

  • Profile pictures and/or images are allowed.
  • If you do not want to fill some of the fields, leave them blank (e.g. state: "",).
  • Your pull request will only be accepted if it follows the example above. It cannot have anything else.

Please submit a Pull Request for your row to be added to this list. If you are unsure how to do this, please check out Contributing To Open Source video in the course curriculum.


All icons have been sourced from Material Design Icons and Octicons

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