@zero24x zero24x released this Sep 28, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release

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This is a mandatory update release, please upgrade very soon to this new version!

IMPORTANT: After block 132100 (Estimated 28th Sep 2018 + 30days) the new wallets will disconnect the old wallets (hard fork!), so make sure you upgrade before this!

If after the upgrade your wallet is behind in syncing for some reason please resync like this: Close wallet, Remove the files peers.dat, blk0001.dat + folders txleveldb and database in the wallet data folder (Windows: %appdata%\VARIUS, Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/VARIUS, Linux ~/.varius), start the new wallet. Release notes: Fixed PoW reward calculation issues, after halving 64 times (halvings occurs every 10k blocks) the block is now in the new release 0 like it should be, before this fix it would be 0.5 VARIUS which would be bad. Also we added some security related fixes and did some code cleanup.