Swipe Gestures and Buttons added to Apples sample code on loading PDFs
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This is my first project.

What this code is all about?
. One can render a pdf. 
. One can swipe left or right to change pages.
. One can also click on the buttons to change the pages.
. One can zoom or pan.

What it doesn't do?
. One cannot use the swipe gesture to change pages once the page is zoomed.
. One cannot load a pdf file dynamically, it has to be in the resources.

Are there any known bugs?
. Yes, there is.
. Once the PDF is zoomed and the next button is clicked the PDF goes out of the frame. There is a need to use a pinch
gesture to get it back into the frame.

***** I have modified apple's code on how to render a single pdf page******

I am an amatuer developer so if you can see some coding blunders do let me know. Also feel free to modify the file
and commit the changes here so that all of us can share knowledge and be smart.