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Crimson Forge Metasploit Integration

Metasploit integration with Crimson Forge is currently supported by an external evasion module. This module facilitates taking a Metasploit payload, processing it and then converting it to a Windows Portable Executable (as with --output-format pe:exe).


To install the module, create a symbolic link to the module in the modules folder.

  1. Ensure Crimson Forge is properly installed
  2. Ensure Metasploit is up to date
    • Changes from commit 0e838da5 (PR #11333, landed 2019-02-06) must be present
  3. Create the private modules folder if necessary
    • mkdir -p ~/.msf4/modules/evasion/windows
  4. Create the symbolic link to the module
    • ln -s $(pwd)/ ~/.msf4/modules/evasion/windows
  5. Restart Metasploit if it is already running
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