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import ctypes
import platform
import struct
from mayhem import utilities
from mayhem.windll import kernel32 as m_k32
from mayhem.windll import user32 as m_u32
def py_GetClipboardData(uFormat):
m_u32.MessageBoxW(None, 'Hooked!', 'Hooked!', 0)
return -1
prototype = ctypes.WINFUNCTYPE(ctypes.c_void_p, ctypes.c_uint)
GetClipboardData = prototype(py_GetClipboardData)
def jump_stub(address):
arch = platform.machine()
if utilities.architecture_is_32bit(arch):
stub = b'\xb8' + struct.pack('I', address) # mov eax, address
stub += b'\xff\xe0' # jmp eax
elif utilities.architecture_is_64bit(arch):
stub = b'\x48\xb8' + struct.pack('Q', address) # mov rax, address
stub += b'\xff\xe0' # jmp rax
return stub
def mayhem():
handle = -1 # -1 is always a handle to the current process
module_handle = m_k32.GetModuleHandleW('user32.dll')
if not module_handle:
print('user32.dll is not loaded')
address = m_k32.GetProcAddress(module_handle, b'GetClipboardData')
if not address:
print('failed to resolve user32.dll!GetClipboardData')
stub = jump_stub(ctypes.cast(GetClipboardData, ctypes.c_void_p).value)
if m_k32.WriteProcessMemory(handle, address, stub, len(stub), None):
print("successfully installed the trampoline at 0x{0:x}".format(address))
print('failed to install the trampoline')
if __name__ == '__main__':
print('this script must be injected')
elif __name__ == '__mayhem__':