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CakePHP Expandable Plugin

Makes possible to save different fields for each item in two tables without touching schema.

It works like Cake's i18n table

What it Does:

The ExpandableBehavior will allow you to extend any model with any set of "extra fields" which don't exist in it's schema.

It uses a second table/model as a the key/value table, which links back to the primary table/model. Thus you can store any details you want separate from the main table/model, keeping schema simpler and reducing (main) table size.


git clone git:// app/Plugin/Expandable

You must make a new Table to store the keys/values and optionally a Model for that table. It should be named something like 'my_model_expands', and it needs the following fields:

  • a primary ID
  • a foreignKey linking back to the primary table
  • a "key" field
  • a "value" field ** null if you want to get null back, varchar or text depending on what you want to store

In your schema:

    public $my_model_expands = array(
        'id' => array('type' => 'string', 'null' => false, 'default' => null, 'length' => 36, 'key' => 'primary', 'collate' => 'utf8_general_ci', 'charset' => 'utf8'),
        'my_model_id' => array('type' => 'integer', 'null' => false, 'default' => null, 'key' => 'index'),
        'created' => array('type' => 'datetime', 'null' => true, 'default' => null),
        'key' => array('type' => 'string', 'null' => false, 'default' => null, 'length' => 128, 'collate' => 'utf8_general_ci', 'charset' => 'utf8'),
        'value' => array('type' => 'text', 'null' => true, 'default' => null, 'collate' => 'utf8_general_ci', 'charset' => 'utf8'),
        'indexes' => array(
            'PRIMARY' => array('column' => 'id', 'unique' => 1),
            'search' => array('column' => array('account_id', 'key'), 'unique' => 1)
        'tableParameters' => array('charset' => 'utf8', 'collate' => 'utf8_general_ci', 'engine' => 'InnoDB')

And you can create the table via the shell:

./cake schema create

On MyModel:

Setup the Expandable Behavior, configure "with" the Expand Model, and ensure you put the Expand model into the "hasMany" array.

    public $actsAs = array(
        'Expandable.Expandable' => array(
            'with' => 'MyModelExpand',
    public $hasMany = array('MyModelExpand');


Just do normal save() on the model, and a normal find() (containing the Expand data).

Your extra fields, not in the schema, will show up... add as many as you like.

For more information on this functionality, and a plain example of functionality, check out the packaged unit tests

./cake test Expandable Model/Behavior/ExpandableBehavior


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