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Serverless server side rendering with effector and react

Deployed to AWS Lambda

Deployment url:


Defined in src/server

Implemented as three lambda functions:

  1. Api: provides access to users' data through rest api.
  • POST for list of all user names
  • POST{user} for particular user info
  1. SSR: server side rendering of application. Makes http requests to api lambda and renders application with given results.
  • GET will fetch all user names and redirect user to random user page
  • GET{user} will fetch user info and render react app with it
  1. Static: lambda for hosting static client assets from url*



  1. Add your domain name and certificate ARN to domain.json. It will be used by serverless framework to deploy application and by lambda functions to make requests. Note that certificate should be in us-east-1 region

  2. Call npx serverless create_domain to create API Gateway custom domain and then you will be ready to deploy application


yarn && yarn deploy

This will build client app and each of the lambda functions and will deploy everything to AWS lambda via serverless framework

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