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Bashter 4.1

Web Crawler, Scanner, and Analyzer Framework (Shell-Script based)

!#/bin/bash license BSD

Bashter 4.1


Bashter is a tool for scanning a Web-based Application. Bashter is very suitable for doing Bug Bounty or Penentration Testing. It is designed like a framework so you can easily add a script for detect vulnerability.

For Example

To be more powerful, You can add something script (custom) like this:

modules/form/yourscript.bash {WEB-URL} {SOURCECODE}

modules/url/yourscript.bash {WEB-URL} {SOURCECODE}

modules/header/yourscript.bash {WEB-URL} {SOURCECODE}

For the sample, you can follow existing scripts.

Disable Script

You only need to change the extension, for example .bash => .bashx.

by Default:

  • Web Crawler
  • Gather Input Form
  • Detect Missconfigured CORS
  • Detect missing X-FRAME-OPTIONS (Clickjacking Potential)
  • Detect Reflected XSS via URL
  • Detect Reflected XSS via Form
  • Detect HTTP Splitting Response via CRLF Injection
  • Detect Open Redirect

Tested on:

Linux Ubuntu Linux Debian

How to Run:

git clone

cd Bashter/

bash bashter.bash


  • This tool will consume a lot of disk usage, so don't forget to housekeep bashter-tempdata and scan-logs.