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Data centric pub/sub framework based on Ice
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DataStorm - Data Centric Pub/Sub Framework

DataStorm is a new high-performance brokerless data centric pub/sub framework. It allows you to distribute data between your applications through a simple yet powerful API.

The implementation of DataStorm relies on Ice, and DataStorm naturally plays well with Ice: you can easily distribute data defined using Ice with DataStorm. You can also use DataStorm without Ice, in particular:

  • you don't need to know Ice or Ice APIs to use DataStorm
  • you can easily distribute data with simple types using DataStorm
  • you can distribute data with more complex types using DataStorm by providing your own serialization/deserialization functions (for Ice types, DataStorm uses automatically the Ice-generated marshaling and unmarshaling code)

DataStorm is currently in alpha and we welcome your feedback!

DataStorm vs IceStorm

Ice already provides a pub/sub service named IceStorm. So if you need pub/sub with Ice, should you use IceStorm or DataStorm?

IceStorm is broker-based pub/sub service, where the broker (the IceStorm service) can be replicated for fault-tolerance. It is mature and available for all programming languages supported by Ice.

IceStorm is all about distributing remote Ice calls: when your publisher makes a oneway call on a given topic, it makes a regular Ice remote call, and IceStorm replicates and routes this call to all the subscribers registered with this topic. These subscribers are regular Ice objects that you implement, and they receive the message sent by the publisher just like any other Ice request dispatch.

DataStorm is a brand-new library-based pub/sub service. It is currently in alpha and should not be used for production. At this time, it provides only a C++ API.

DataStorm is all about distributing data. When one of your applications needs data produced by another application, DataStorm helps you publish, filter and receive data items very easily - you don't need to worry about network connections or making remote calls.


DataStorm currently supports only the C++ programming language.


You should be able to build DataStorm on the same platforms and with the same C++ compilers as Ice. DataStorm relies on C++11 features and the Ice C++11 mapping.


  • master Primary development branch (unstable, frequently updated)

Copyright and License

Copyright © ZeroC, Inc. All rights reserved.

DataStorm is licensed under GPLv2, a popular open-source license with strong copyleft conditions.


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