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ZeroClipboard 1.0.8

This version was the first version under new management. Most of what occurred was re-organization and cleaning. But here are some bugs fixed.

  • [FEATURE] Vaadin plugin updates #4
  • [FEATURE] Adding module export ability #8 #9
  • [CHORE] NPM package install ce7b514f9f650f54e8cec0ef52457424e41edc71
  • [BUG] XSS Vulnerability #2
  • [BUG] Fix swf position #16

Zero Clipboard 1.0.7 Released

Zero Clipboard 1.0.7 can now copy Rich HTML to the clipboard. When this is pasted into an application that supports rich text, it will show up as fully rendered HTML (not the source that was copied). Since this feature only works in Flash Player 10, it is opt-in, and must be specifically enabled in your code. See the updated Instructions for details. Thanks to jpp at cloudview for the patch!

Zero Clipboard 1.0.5 Released

Zero Clipboard 1.0.5 can now glue the Flash movie to a relatively positioned parent element (instead of the page body), resulting in perfect positioning of the movie on top of your copy button. This also allows you to use Zero Clipboard inside overflow:auto or position:fixed elements.

The Instructions have been updated with details on how to use the new feature. The API is 100% backward compatible with previous versions.

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