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Do the docs need to recommend clip.reposition()? #131

smidwap opened this Issue · 6 comments

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The docs say that clip.reposition() needs to be called when the browser window is resized or the element is repositioned. But it looks like the repositioning is done automatically when hovering back over the "button". Should this part of the doc be removed to avoid confusion?


It probably won't be necessary to mention once #79 is resolved... but till then, I think it's still pertinent.


@jonrohan I'm thinking our current state now aligns with the submitter's original perception. Does that sound accurate to you? If so, I'll update the docs.


yeah, it's not really needed anymore. closing this.

@jonrohan jonrohan closed this

@jonrohan Do you mean just the note is not needed anymore, or the actual public exposure of the reposition method? I'm thinking probably both, honestly.

@JamesMGreene JamesMGreene reopened this

Reopening to update docs... PR on its way.

@JamesMGreene JamesMGreene was assigned
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