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I'm getting the following error in FF 15.0.1 "TypeError: is not a function".
Specifically relating to line 276: this.title );
When looking at the line in Firebug the function is undefined.

I've had a look in both Chrome 21.0.1180.89 m and IE 9 and it's also happening in both (they are just silently failing).

Is the setTitle method missing from the flash movie?


Sorry I just checked this on the demo in both FF 15.0.1 and Chrome 21.0.1180.89 and am not getting this error. Can you verify you have the latest code?

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The error can also be seen on your demo page.
See screenshots
and this one from my local project with unminified source



Could you check what version of flash you're using?


It's 11.4.402.278.
Screenshot below has OS version and Browser from Adobe Flash check site:


I have been able to reproduce the issue on FF 15.0.1 aswell as FF 16.0.1 and Flash 10 and Flash 11 versions.

After checking the commit history I noticed that on Sep 25, 2012 a handful of updates have been done and somehow on commit: e8d4889

it looks like some title updates have been added.

I'd expect files like
src/flash/ and

to have a line such as:
ExternalInterface.addCallback("setTitle", setTitle);

and a public function setTitle, which would then take care of adding the title.

frunns commented Oct 23, 2012

Just reproduced using Flash version 11,4,402,287 and Firefox 16.0.1, in W7.


Issue still exists. IMO this should be reopen and fixed.

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I also have this error with the latest lib version and flash 11


We switched to HTML solution, put preselected text in textarea on click and
informed user to press ctrl+C.

On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 4:38 PM, ferahl wrote:

I also have this error and so the library is currently broken with the
most recent version of flash, that's a shame :(

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the flash file didn't need updating the setTitle method didn't need to call the flash object, since this is purely in js. Sorry about the bug. Should be fixed now.

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