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Copied HTML is not rendered when pasting from ZeroClipboard 1.1.6 #87

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Copied HTML is not rendered when pasting from ZeroClipboard.

1) Open testcase with ZC 1.1.6
2) Click on blue button "Copy To Clipboard"
3) Paste in rich-text capable editor (Outlook, Word, CKEditor, ect)

Result: Copied HTML is pasted as raw markup, not rendered HTML.

Expected Result: Copied HTML is correctly rendered when pasting from Zero Clipboard.

See Also for an example of expected behavior. For this test case, you'll need to use Firefox 17 or lower, or Chrome. FF18+ freezes with this release of ZC ( Mozilla bug 829557 ).


Directly related to #22, which is on temporary hiatus. This also won't work [well] on Linux (#78), apparently, though I've filed a bug with the Flash team in the hopes that they might fix it despite the fact that they don't officially support Linux anymore.


I am having same issue on with v1.1.7 / v1.1.6

OS X 10.8 / Chrome 26 / Flash Version 11


Cross referencing this build from botcheddevil:


WARNING: Although I think we can figure out a pattern to make this mostly work, please see Issue #78 to get a better understanding of why we haven't implemented this yet.


Will be addressed by #143.


(Please "watch" #143 if you are interested in knowing when this is fixed.)

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