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OAuth2 Server + MoleculerJS
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OAuth2 Server + MoleculerJS

This project is an example of how to implement OAuth2 Server with MoleculerJS, I pretend to convert this into a module of MoleculerJS in the future.

The project’s base is a database (mysql) and the repository.mixin.js which is basically a moleculer-db-adapter, I’ve created it because I had some difficulties working with a lot of entities using the ‘moleculer-db’, but in other words, have the same purpose.

The main project’s file is the oauth_server.mixin.js, I have the methods of OAuth Server into it and I've implemented the authenticate which will be inserted into the API Gateway and will be basically the authentication method, after that I can protect, or not, an API endpoint using the option authorization.

Getting started

npm run clear
npm run seeders

Import the collection for your Postman and enjoy


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