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Releases: zerocurrencycoin/Zero

Another Decade

05 Jun 04:56
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Zero Currency Coin turned five years old this February.

Deprecation has been pushed out for ten years! ;)

Release 3.3.1 is named Ambrym, after an island in the beautiful Vanuatu archipelago.
Ambrym is famous as the site of one of the largest volcanic explosions in recent geological history.

(2022-05-30 00:13:50 -0700)

No Deprecate!

30 May 08:33
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3.3.0 expires around block 1,392,000 [~June 9, 2022] and should be replaced immediately!

Push deprecation out 10 years ;)

Images for Ubuntu Linux [20.04] and Windows 64 bit are attached, either as the full node executable or a compressed archive of that executable, with zero-cli and zero-tx.

A re-release of the desktop wallet bundle is forthcoming shortly...

Deprecate NOT!

15 Jun 00:06
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Release 3.2.0 will deprecate on block 1143640, aiming for 26 weeks @ 720 blocks / day, after its release in Dec, 2020.
Today, June 22, 2021, around block 1140000, that's about four days away.

Release 3.3.0 targets deprecation 52 weeks out, on block 1392080, in early June 2022.
It is named Ambae, after an island in South Pacific, in the north of Vanuatu.

3.3.0 distributions include respectively Linux "zerod" and Windows "zerod.exe". MacOS binaries will be provided as requested.
Ubuntu 16, 18 [default] and 20 builds are provided for your convenience.

Kindly upgrade at your earliest opportunity, to avoid sudden service interruptions...

Release 3.2.0 Linux, Windows & Mac - Draco 3.2.0

08 Dec 06:47
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This release creates a new Transaction Archive and will automatically reindex on first load. Please plan accordingly.

Archived Transactions
Transactions are now saved to the wallet in a minimalistic fashion so that they may be recovered from the blockchain. The new structure only contains enough data to pinpoint the transaction on the blockchain and retrieve after they have been deleted from the active transactions using the deletetx functions. Active transactions are unchanged and still retain all of the original data structures.

Updated RPC
Multiple RPC have been updated to provide exchanges with detailed transaction information for both incoming and outgoing addresses. All of these updated RPCs utilize the new Archived Transaction feature to provide full wallet history.

Extended Full View key support
Extended Full view key support has been added to the full node so that users can see all of the incoming and outgoing transactions associated to this key. Support for this key is present in all of the new RPC calls above.

Disable prune mode, require txindex
Txindex is required for the Archived Transactions function to work correctly, prune mode is incompatible with txindex

Release 3.1.1 Linux, Windows & Mac - Cygnus 3.1.1

08 Jun 04:26
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The release adds several RPCs to support the ZeroVerse wallet.

  1. getsaplingblocks
  2. getsaplingwitness
  3. getsaplingwitnessatheight

Zindex was ported from Hush to measure zaddress useage and provide chainwide stats.

z_viewtransaction was cherry picked from Zcash.

Deprecation height was raised to 1017115 which should be reached around 1/2/2021.

Release 3.1.0 Linux, Windows & Mac - Pegasus 3.1.0

12 Mar 03:11
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Target deprecation 886115 on about 6/27/2020

This release introduces new wallet options for more efficient transaction handling internally. Any options should be added to zero.conf

Creates a new method to compact the file when data is removed

Delete old transactions
a. Spent Note, Spent TXO's
b. Outgoing transactions after inputs no longer exist
c. sets minimum number of block to retain
d. sets the last N transactions to retain

Sapling Note witness rework.
a. Witnesses are not created until the blockchain has finished it;s initial sync
b. Initial Witnesses are created during the Delete Tx processes during initial sync or at the time of block processing after initial sync.
c. Witnesses are validated against the sapling root of the block corresponding to the witness height, witnesses are recalculated if the validation fails.

Automatic Note consolidation.
a. When enabled the note will automatically create consolidation transactions at between a random 5 - 10 block intervals with between a random minimum of 2 - 12 inputs and a random maximum 10 - 45 inputs.
b. Consolidation Tx fee can be set in the .conf file with a zatoshi value, default 0.

new options:

consolidation - Enable auto Sapling note consolidation (set to 1 to enable)
consolidationtxfee - Fee amount in Zatoshis used when sending consolidation transactions. (default 0)
consolidatesaplingaddress - when set with a sapling address, the node will only consolidate that specific address or addresses
deletetx - Enable Old Transaction Deletion (set to 1 to enable)
deleteinterval - Delete transaction every blocks during inital block download (default: 1000)
keeptxnum - Keep the last transactions (default: 200)
keeptxfornblocks - Keep transactions for at least blocks (default: 10000)

Release 3.0.2 Linux, Windows & Mac - Pavo 3.0.2

07 Dec 21:25
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Security fix CVE-2017-18350
Security fix deserializing note plaintexts

Target deprecation 886115 on about 6/27/2020

Release 3.0.1 Linux, Windows & Mac - Andromeda 3.0.1

20 Jul 23:00
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Fixed 2 RPC calls which report Zeronode status

Added new functions and RPC calls designed to report outgoing shielded transactions and report transactions in a new consolidated format.

Redesigned the getalldata RPC to use the new outgoing shielded functions.

Disabled the creation on new sprout addresses with z_getnewaddress

Release 3.0.0 Linux, Windows & Mac - Cosmos 3.0.0

01 Jun 21:30
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Zeronode - 10,000 Zer Requirement
200KB Transaction Limit
Future Block time windows reduced from 120 minutes to 10 minutes

Release 2.0.4 Linux, Windows & Mac - Ny-Alesund 2.0.4

04 May 22:34
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Fix Sprout note validation bug in wallet
Fix default miner address behavior
Fix non-English path bug in Windows
Sapling benchmarks updated
Boost, OpenSSL, Rust and Proton dependencies updated .
Backported 'size_on_disk' field to RPC call 'getblockchaininfo'