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Overview Go Reference Zerodha Tech

fastglue is an opinionated, bare bones wrapper that glues together fasthttp and fasthttprouter to act as a micro HTTP framework. It helps eliminate boilerplate that would otherwise be required when using these two libraries to write HTTP servers. It enables:

  • Performance benefits of fasthttp + fasthttprouter.
  • Pre/post middleware hooks on HTTP handlers.
  • Simple middlewares for validating (existence, length range) of params in HTTP requests.
  • Functions for unmarshalling request payloads (Form encoding, JSON, XML) into arbitrary structs.
  • Shortcut functions for registering handlers, GET(), POST() etc.
  • Shortcut for fasthttp listening on TCP and Unix sockets.
  • Shortcut for graceful shutdown hook on the fasthttp server.
  • Opinionated JSON API response and error structures.
  • Shortcut functions for sending strings, bytes, JSON in the envelope structure without serialization or allocation.


go get -u


import ""