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Adds submenu to the context menu of Mac OS X Finder. Submenu has two items, clicking on them the window with the selected items is displayed.


The method configureWithNodes:browserController:container: of class TContextMenu is called, when Finder is going to show context menu on files. This method is replaced, using the MethodSwizzle technique.

mach_inject is used to inject code into the Finder process.

The application consists of the following components:

  • FinderMenu - the injector app, that loads bundle into Finder
  • FinderExt.bundle - injectee bundle, that overrides code inside Finder process
  • mach_inject_bundle.framework (and mach_inject_bundle_stub.bundle which is part of this framework) - mach inject bundle framework, which used by FinderMenu

Application has been tested on OS X versions 10.8 and 10.9. I will be grateful if you test it in earlier versions. Theoretically it should work on OS X versions >= 10.6 (in 10.6 Finder has been rewritten from Carbon to Cocoa and this hack is Cocoa-specific).

Building & running

Application is required procmod group permssion, so you can not just run it in Xcode. To build it in Terminal you can use xcodebuild tool. After building you can just run it with sudo, or change executable group to procmod and setgid bit on it.