Jmeter MQTT sampler plugin with websocket secure (wss) support
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Jmeter MQTT sampler with support for websockets

Initially a fork of


The MQTTWS Plugin in Jmeter is used for the injection testing of MQTT brokers. It uses paho client ( that supports MQTT over tcp, websockets and secure websockets.

How to install MQTTWS plugin in Jmeter

From the repository:
Get the source code, go to mqttws-jemeter folder and and use the command maven in terminal (Ubuntu):

mvn clean install package

or (eclipse with maven support select pom.xml and "Run As" "maven clean" and then "Run As" "maven install".

This should result in the file mqttws-jmeter.jar in mqttws-jmeter/target.
Put the mqttws-jemeter.jar in the folder lib/ext of Jmeter (to be downloaded on ).

It's necessary to update the file ApacheJMeter_core.jar in the repository lib/ext of Jmeter (that is if you care to see MQTTWS strings properly in GUI). Update the file in the folder :/org/apache/jmeter/resources/ in ApacheJMeter_core.jar by new file from

MQTTWS Publisher

Right-click "Threads" and choose : Add > Sampler > MQTTWS Publisher

In the principal interface of MQTTWS Publisher we have the fields:
Connection Info

Name: Name of the MQTTWS Publisher
Comments: Your comments
Provider URL: the address of MQTTWS server example: tcp://localhost:1883
Client Id: Your Id in the session with MQTTWS server example: Noel De Palma
List Topic: The topic name you want to publish to
Use Authorization check box: Necessary in the case the connection needs the username and password
User: Your username
Password: Your password
Number of samples to aggregate: In other way, the number of messages you want to publish to the MQTT sever in this MQTT Publisher thread, with the value like the configuration below.
mqtt connection timeout: The time (msecs) the sampler will wait for a successful connection with the broker. publisher throttle: The time (msecs) that the publisher will wait amongst two consecutive messages. Message Type: You can choose : Text, Random Byte Array (more detail below)


Add TimeStamp check box: Add the timestamps to the message. The timestamps is 8 bytes
Add Number Sequence check box: Add the number sequence to the message. Example: if you publish 100 messages in your session, the message is numbered from 0 to 99. The number sequence field in the message is 4 bytes.
Retained check box: You publish the messages as retained messages or not. The retain flag for an MQTT message is set to false by default. This means that a broker will not hold onto the message so that any subscribers arriving after the message was sent will not see the message. By setting the retain flag, the message is held onto by the broker, so when the late arrivers connect to the broker or clients create a new subscription they get all the relevant retained messages
Quality of service: Three levels according to MQTT protocol QoS:
0 : At most once
1 : At least once
2 : Exactly once
Bear in mind that for QoS 1 and 2 the publisher will report failure if it does not manage getting back ACKs for all its messages.


With MQTT Publisher in Jmeter, three type of messages can be sent (Message Type):


Text send as is.

Random Byte Array:

The data in form of random byte array with the size array as an input.

For measuring, thanks to Jmeter, we can add some listeners:

MQTT Subscriber

Name: Name of the MQTT Subscriber
Comments: Your comments
Provider URL: The address of MQTT server
Client Id: Your Id in the session
Topic: The topic you want to subscribe.
Use Authorization : Necessary in the case the connection need username and password
mqtt connection timeout: Msecs to wait for a successful connection User: your username
Password: your password
Number of samples to aggregate: In other way, the number of message you want to receive from the topic in one session
Time out (milliseconds): Timeout for the connection to receive message from the topic