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This repository contains a set of tools I use for managing my personal knowledge base (which I've called "datasphere" after the successor to the internet in various Peter F. Hamilton novels).

Note: This is very much work-in-progress and is primarily there for me to learn Rust 😉


datasphere organises content in so-called roots. For instance, I have one root for work-related documents, one for personal stuff and so on.

The definition of these roots happens via a single configuration file: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/datasphere/config.toml

name = "general"
path = "$HOME/Documents/Notes"

name = "drafts"
path = "$HOME/Dropbox/Drafts"

name = "travels"
path = "$HOME/Documents/travels"

datasphere search <query> now allows you to search these roots for documents matching the given query. For now, only files ending with .md or .org are considered.

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