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This is my current VIM configuration organized using pathogen. Currently included are following plugins:

  • ack is more or less a replacement for the :grep commands. I simply prefer ack over grep also outside of vim.
  • ctrlp replaces CommandT and MRU for me with the additional benefit of not having an Ruby dependencies. It definitely takes some time getting used to but for now I'm happy with it.
  • gundo is something I use extremly rarely, but whenever I need to work with undo-states in VIM, I wish I'd remember I had it installed ;-)
  • nerdtree is the file panel for VIM.
  • riv provides some awesome helpers for working with rST files like you find them in nearly every Python project nowadays.
  • scss-syntax
  • syntastic is a generic static code checker framework for VIM similar to something like SublimeLinter if you've worked with Sublime Text.
  • tabular
  • ultisnip
  • commentary is probably the single most useful plugin if you're coding because it makes commenting and uncommenting so much easier.
  • fugitive
  • golang
  • hybrid is currently my colorscheme of choice.
  • javascript-indent
  • javascript-syntax
  • json
  • markdown