Flash ActionScript3 Game Engine
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Get the examples here

The Citrus Engine is a professional-grade, scalable Flash game engine built for industry-quality games. It is built upon modern Flash programming practices, allowing you to focus on making your game awesome! It comes built-in with a "platformer" starter-kit, which you can use to easily make awesome 2D or 3D sidescrolling games.

The Citrus Engine is not only made for platformer games, but for all type of games. It offers a nice way to separate logic/physics from art.

It offers many options, you may use :

  • select between : the classic flash display list, blitting, Starling and Away3D.
  • select between : Box2D, Nape, AwayPhysics and a Simple math based collision detection.
  • a simple way to manage object creation, and for advanced developers : an entity/component system and object pooling.
  • a LevelManager and a LoadManager which may use Flash Pro as a level editor.
  • a Console, Sound management class, Keyboard and input handler...

Games References

Escape From Nerd Factory Kinessia MarcoPoloWeltrennen Tibi

Repository Setup

  • ant : an Ant file to build the different swcs.
  • bin : CE's swcs produced with all libraries included.
  • lib : the different swcs used.
  • src : Citrus Engine's source code.
  • srclib : as3 files of some libraries.