Solutions to different HackerRank challenges
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Makefile Added the logic for missing numbers Oct 12, 2014
README Added to list of need to finish Oct 23, 2014
a.out Starting to solve if pairs of numbers exist in array Oct 23, 2014
anagram.cpp Solved using an alphabet array and inserting/decreasing Aug 14, 2014
angryChildren.cpp Solved angry children using sorting and basic comparison Jul 31, 2014
arrayMerge.cpp Actually return the array Sep 24, 2014
arraySolv.cpp Solved via sort ascending and descending and comparing Jul 31, 2014
basicInsert.cpp Basic run through with if statements to check if move number Jul 31, 2014
bdayGift.cpp Works while other doesn't, odd but okay Aug 3, 2014
biggerLex.cpp Starting bigger is greater Oct 23, 2014
binarySearch.cpp Fixed endless search fail Sep 26, 2014
cavity.cpp Solved via checking all interior matrix Aug 2, 2014
chocoFeast.cpp Solved logic using division and mod Jul 30, 2014
closestNum.cpp Solved with looping through sorted array Aug 2, 2014
correctness.cpp Fixed problem Jul 31, 2014
counting.cpp Take number input and add 1 to its location in array Jul 31, 2014
counting2.cpp Sort via running through array and displaying ints Jul 31, 2014
countingSort.cpp Solved by making into array and sorting Jul 31, 2014
cubes.cpp Starting solution to cubes problem Aug 27, 2014
cutTheSticks.cpp Solved using bruteforce via sort and subtract Sep 4, 2014
duplicateNames.cpp Starting solution for duplicate names algorithm Sep 23, 2014
encryptionMatrix.cpp Solved using cases for min sizes and looping Aug 2, 2014
equations.cpp Starting challenge Aug 26, 2014
fillingJars.cpp Solved via multiplication Jul 31, 2014
findDigits.cpp Solved find digits via mod function and division Jul 30, 2014
findPoint.cpp solved via symmetry point equation Aug 3, 2014
flowers.cpp Solved via multiple arrays Aug 2, 2014
fullCountingSort.cpp Solved using the integers as location and concatinating to the strings Sep 7, 2014
gameOfRotation.cpp Added reason in README Sep 9, 2014
gemStones.cpp Finished logic using strings Jul 30, 2014
got.cpp Implimented via chekcing if all char even or odd Jul 30, 2014
greedy.cpp Solved via the greedy solution of cheapest toys Jul 31, 2014
halloweenParty.cpp finished logic using double to long Jul 30, 2014
handshake.cpp Solved via summation Aug 14, 2014
iceCream.cpp Solved using loops Aug 2, 2014
insertionSort.cpp Added printing when insert, but ignore the first Jul 31, 2014
isfib.cpp Solved using bonary search with base cases and an array to not have t… Jul 31, 2014
lights.cpp Solved using powers of 2 Aug 15, 2014
lonelyInt.cpp Solve using array Aug 2, 2014
loveLetter.cpp Finished logic using ascii Jul 30, 2014
makeItAnAnagram.cpp Solved using an array to keep track of values Sep 4, 2014
manasaStones.cpp Used editorial pseudocode as basis to realize pascals triangle Jul 30, 2014
maxXOR.cpp Finished logic with 2 loops Jul 30, 2014
median.cpp Solved via sorting Aug 2, 2014
mergeSort.cpp Took out debug cout Sep 28, 2014
minDraw.cpp Solved using basic logic Aug 14, 2014
missingNum.cpp Logic works, missing edge cases Oct 12, 2014
neighborMatrix.cpp Starting bigger is greater Oct 23, 2014
pairs.cpp Starting to solve if pairs of numbers exist in array Oct 23, 2014
palindromeIndex.cpp works but some cases it wants to opposite number instead of first number Sep 5, 2014
pangrams.cpp Solved via an array and checking each value Sep 5, 2014
partition.cpp solved via pivots and array Jul 31, 2014
partitionSort.cpp given algorithm Jul 31, 2014
patternSearch.cpp Solved pattern searching algorithm Sep 23, 2014
pickingCards.cpp Added code for lights Aug 15, 2014
planes.cpp Solved via determinants Aug 3, 2014
quicksort.cpp Used cases and basic vector manipulation Aug 2, 2014
quicksortRunTime.cpp Solved using the Lomuto-Partition to count swaps Aug 14, 2014
rotation.cpp Added to list of need to finish Oct 23, 2014
runTime.cpp Solved by adding to a counter when swap Jul 31, 2014
serviceLane.cpp Finished logic to print out Jul 29, 2014
sherlockArray.cpp solved via adding both sided around pivot Jul 31, 2014
sherlockBeast.cpp Starting gcd of an array Jul 31, 2014
sherlockGCD.cpp Solved GCD using comparison and modulus Aug 14, 2014
sherlockPlanes.cpp Solved using determinants Aug 17, 2014
sherlockQueries.cpp Worked a bit on sherlock queries Aug 14, 2014
sherlockSquares.cpp Solved via bruteforce Sep 4, 2014
sphereCollision.cpp Starting challenge Aug 26, 2014
teamAndTopics.cpp Added README to keep tabs of what projects on hold Sep 5, 2014
townConnection.cpp Solved via multiplication Aug 14, 2014
tutorial.cpp Switched loops used for more readability Oct 14, 2014
utopianTree.cpp Added logic for utipian tree Jul 29, 2014


This folder is to contain all the challenges solved in hackerrank and is to be used as instructional use.

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