A simple app for sharing files
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This is a simple XPages application to share files with others without using any login or user management. The access to the downloads is filtered by a customer ID only. You can provide the ID to your customer so he can see his downloads only. In addition you can provide readers and authors fields to restrict internal Notes users when they are logged in.

Please notice:

With release 2.0.0 this application uses Bootstrap4XPages plugin and the OpenNTF Domino API.

OpenNTF Version

You can find the NSF version on OpenNTF here: http://www.openntf.org/main.nsf/project.xsp?r=project/FileSilo/summary


"I have installed release 2.0.3 “September” which was easy to install and works like a charm. A great app for sharing online content instead of a file system. The UI is very intuitive. I have not tried if there is a mobile interface, since hosting a free public domino app seems to be a pain." - Patrick Kwinten http://www.openntf.org/main.nsf/project.xsp?r=project/FileSilo/reviews/554ECB6014EB1B9186257D7000406D05