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@@ -86,7 +86,14 @@ namespace ZMQGuide
-More C# examples can be found in the [0MQ Guide][zmq-guide] or in the [examples repository][zmq-example-repo]. Tutorials and API documentation specific to clrzmq are on the way.
+## Docs and Tutorials
+For more information about 0MQ and clrzmq, see the following resources:
+- The [0MQ Guide][zmq-guide] is a thorough overview of 0MQ and contains example code for most supported languages, including C#. Examples are stored in a [GitHub repository][zmq-example-repo].
+- [ZeroMQ via C#: Introduction][zmq-cs-intro] is an excellent tutorial written by Manar Ezzadeen and offers an in-depth look at various 0MQ patterns implemented in C# with clrzmq.
+More tutorials and API documentation are on the way.
## Deployment Notes
@@ -224,6 +231,7 @@ This project is released under the [LGPL][lgpl] license, as is the native libzmq
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