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CZMQ version 1.3.0 (stable), released on 2012/xx/xx
CZMQ version 1.2.0 (stable), released on 2012/08/06
* zsockopt_ functions renamed to zsocket_, for clarity. Old names are
still provided for compatibility.
* SUB sockets are no longer subscribed to everything.
* Fixed issue CZMQ-7, wrong name used for CZMQ man page.
* Changed zsocket_connect() to return 0 or -1, since zmq_connect() now
checks endpoints properly (issue LIBZMQ-207).
* All classes handle memory exhaustion correctly by returning an error
instead of asserting.
* zsocket_identity implemented correctly.
* Added zctx_underlying() to provide access to low-level 0MQ context
object, to allow manipulation for extreme cases and tests.
* For the rest, check the git history :-)
CZMQ version 1.1.0 (stable), released on 2011/08/30
* Fixed issue CZMQ-2. (
* Removed unused ctx argument from zthread_new() call.
* zloop works with zmq_pollitem_t * instead of void * sockets; allows
use of native FDs in reactor as well as 0MQ sockets.
* zloop_reader renamed to zloop_poller.
* zloop_cancel renamed to zloop_poller_end, and API changed to work with
zmq_pollitem_t * instead of a single 0MQ socket void *.
* Added zloop_timer_end, taking same argument as for zloop_timer.
* zloop_poller_end cancels ALL handlers for the socket or FD.
* Added zmsg_content_size method to report full content size of message.
* zmsg_save returns 0/-1 depending on success/failure (previously returned
* zmsg_dump limited to first 10 frames, to allow mix of large and small
messages in applications.
* zframe_print truncates output at 70 chars to prevent over-long output.
* Added ability for zsocket_bind to bind to ephemeral port in range 0xc000
to 0xffff.
* zmq_bind always returns port number bound to, if successful.
* Added zfile class with minimal helper functions.
* Added zfile_size method to return file size, as ssize_t.
* Added socket multipart flush to zctx_destroy to work around libzmq issue
134, which asserts if a fair-queuing socket still has input at close.
* Added zframe_eq method to compare two frames' size and content.
* Changed zmsg_load to append to an optional existing message.
* Fixed zloop to allow timers to be added after reactor was started.
Without this fix, the reactor would spin at max speed instead of
properly calculating the timer. (Luc Heinrich)
* Modified zmsg_pushstr and zmsg_addstr to accept variable argument list
and do vsnprintf formatting of provided string.
* Added zhash_rename function to allow soft renaming of item keys.
* Added tblsize and tbllast macros, so very useful when you need them.
* Added zmsg_encode and zmsg_decode functions to serialize messages to
and from a byte buffer.
* Added zframe_recv_nowait method to read frame without blocking.
CZMQ version 1.0.0 (stable), released on 2011/04/26
* At build time, reports error if libzmq version isn't at least 2.1.
* Renamed project to CZMQ for coherence with other language bindings.
libzapi version 1.3.2 (beta), released on 2011/04/15
* Added zsocket_type_str method to return printable socket type.
* Added zloop_set_verbose method to enable/disable reactor activity.
* Fixed zloop to call right handlers even if handlers register/cancel
other handlers.
* Fixed zloop to not call handlers when interrupted.
* Added zsocket_set_hwm method to emulate 2.x option (sets both send
and recv high-water marks).
* Several parts of the 3.0 porting didn't work properly - fixed.
* Added macro set to aid portability from 2.1 to 3.0: ZMQ_POLL_MSEC,
ZMQ_DONTWAIT, zmq_sendmsg, zmq_recvmsg.
libzapi version 1.3.1 (beta), released on 2011/04/09
* Added compatibility for new libzmq/3.0 API.
libzapi version 1.3.0 (beta), released on 2011/04/08
* Ported to win32, all selftests pass successfully.
* New zsockopt class provides API to set/get socket options.
* New zsocket class provides API to connect and bind sockets using
printf semantics to format endpoints.
* Threading API now supports detached and attached threads via zthread
class, and zthread_new and zthread_fork methods.
* Pipes to attached threads have HWM of 1 (each side) to block runaway
* In zframe class, added print, reset, strdup, streq, strhex, dup methods.
* In zmsg class, added last, wrap, unwrap, popstr, pushstr, addstr, dup
* In zclock class, added log method.
* In zstr class, added sendm and recv_nowait methods.
* Added Valgrind suppression file for libzmq.
Bug Fixes
* Fixed error in thread pipe handling which sometimes provoked libzmq
assertion failure at shutdown.
libzapi version 1.2.1 (beta), released on 2011/04/01
* Rewrote zctx class, which was wrongly working with sockets in two
threads. Much simpler, and properly stable now.
* Project renamed to 'libzapi' for consistency with 'libzmq'.
* Expanded main documentation page significantly.
zapi version 1.2.0 (beta), released on 2011/03/24
* Added zclock class for portable millisecond timers and delays.
* Expanded documentation significantly.
zapi version 1.1.0 (beta), released on 2011/03/23
* Added zctx_thread_new method to create child threads with a PAIR pipe
to talk to them.
* Made zapi threadsafe, specifically multiple threads can share the same
context and thus talk to each other.
zapi version 1.0.0 (beta), released on 2011/03/22
* Initial version of library finished, tested, documented, and packaged.
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