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zframe - working with single message frames
#define ZFRAME_MORE 1
#define ZFRAME_REUSE 2
// Callback function for zframe_free_fn method
typedef void (zframe_free_fn) (void *data, void *arg);
// Create a new frame with optional size, and optional data
zframe_t *
zframe_new (const void *data, size_t size);
// Create a zero-copy frame
zframe_t *
zframe_new_zero_copy (void *data, size_t size,
zframe_free_fn *free_fn, void *arg);
// Destroy a frame
zframe_destroy (zframe_t **self_p);
// Receive frame from socket, returns zframe_t object or NULL if the recv
// was interrupted. Does a blocking recv, if you want to not block then use
// zframe_recv_nowait().
zframe_t *
zframe_recv (void *socket);
// Receive a new frame off the socket. Returns newly allocated frame, or
// NULL if there was no input waiting, or if the read was interrupted.
zframe_t *
zframe_recv_nowait (void *socket);
// Send a frame to a socket, destroy frame after sending. Returns
// non-zero error code on failure.
zframe_send (zframe_t **self_p, void *socket, int flags);
// Return number of bytes in frame data
zframe_size (zframe_t *self);
// Return address of frame data
byte *
zframe_data (zframe_t *self);
// Create a new frame that duplicates an existing frame
zframe_t *
zframe_dup (zframe_t *self);
// Return frame data encoded as printable hex string
char *
zframe_strhex (zframe_t *self);
// Return frame data copied into freshly allocated string
char *
zframe_strdup (zframe_t *self);
// Return TRUE if frame body is equal to string, excluding terminator
zframe_streq (zframe_t *self, const char *string);
// Return frame zero copy indicator (1 or 0)
zframe_zero_copy (zframe_t *self);
// Return frame 'more' property
zframe_more (const zframe_t *self);
// Return TRUE if two frames have identical size and data
// If either frame is NULL, equality is always false.
zframe_eq (zframe_t *self, zframe_t *other);
// Print contents of frame to stderr
zframe_print (zframe_t *self, const char *prefix);
// Set new contents for frame
zframe_reset (zframe_t *self, const void *data, size_t size);
// Self test of this class
zframe_test (Bool verbose);
The zframe class provides methods to send and receive single message
frames across 0MQ sockets. A 'frame' corresponds to one zmq_msg_t. When
you read a frame from a socket, the zframe_more() method indicates if the
frame is part of an unfinished multipart message. The zframe_send method
normally destroys the frame, but with the ZFRAME_REUSE flag, you can send
the same frame many times. Frames are binary, and this class has no
special support for text data.
.From zframe_test method
zctx_t *ctx = zctx_new ();
assert (ctx);
void *output = zsocket_new (ctx, ZMQ_PAIR);
assert (output);
zsocket_bind (output, "inproc://zframe.test");
void *input = zsocket_new (ctx, ZMQ_PAIR);
assert (input);
zsocket_connect (input, "inproc://zframe.test");
// Send five different frames, test ZFRAME_MORE
int frame_nbr;
for (frame_nbr = 0; frame_nbr < 5; frame_nbr++) {
zframe_t *frame = zframe_new ("Hello", 5);
rc = zframe_send (&frame, output, ZFRAME_MORE);
assert (rc == 0);
// Send same frame five times, test ZFRAME_REUSE
zframe_t *frame = zframe_new ("Hello", 5);
assert (frame);
for (frame_nbr = 0; frame_nbr < 5; frame_nbr++) {
rc = zframe_send (&frame, output, ZFRAME_MORE + ZFRAME_REUSE);
assert (rc == 0);
assert (frame);
zframe_t *copy = zframe_dup (frame);
assert (zframe_eq (frame, copy));
zframe_destroy (&frame);
assert (!zframe_eq (frame, copy));
assert (zframe_size (copy) == 5);
zframe_destroy (&copy);
assert (!zframe_eq (frame, copy));
// Send END frame
frame = zframe_new ("NOT", 3);
assert (frame);
zframe_reset (frame, "END", 3);
char *string = zframe_strhex (frame);
assert (streq (string, "454E44"));
free (string);
string = zframe_strdup (frame);
assert (streq (string, "END"));
free (string);
rc = zframe_send (&frame, output, 0);
assert (rc == 0);
// Read and count until we receive END
frame_nbr = 0;
for (frame_nbr = 0;; frame_nbr++) {
zframe_t *frame = zframe_recv (input);
if (zframe_streq (frame, "END")) {
zframe_destroy (&frame);
assert (zframe_more (frame));
zframe_destroy (&frame);
assert (frame_nbr == 10);
frame = zframe_recv_nowait (input);
assert (frame == NULL);
// Test zero copy
char *buffer = malloc (1024);
int i;
for (i = 0; i < 1024; i++)
buffer [i] = 'A';
frame = zframe_new_zero_copy (buffer, 1024, s_test_free_cb, NULL);
zframe_t *frame_copy = zframe_dup (frame);
assert (zframe_zero_copy (frame) == 1);
assert (zframe_zero_copy (frame_copy) == 0);
zframe_destroy (&frame);
zframe_destroy (&frame_copy);
zctx_destroy (&ctx);
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