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/* =========================================================================
zbeacon - LAN discovery and presence
Copyright (c) the Contributors as noted in the AUTHORS file.
This file is part of CZMQ, the high-level C binding for 0MQ:
This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
file, You can obtain one at
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
// @interface
// Create new zbeacon actor instance:
// zactor_t *beacon = zactor_new (zbeacon, NULL);
// Destroy zbeacon instance:
// zactor_destroy (&beacon);
// Enable verbose logging of commands and activity:
// zstr_send (beacon, "VERBOSE");
// Configure beacon to run on specified UDP port, and return the name of
// the host, which can be used as endpoint for incoming connections. To
// force the beacon to operate on a given interface, set the environment
// variable ZSYS_INTERFACE, or call zsys_set_interface() before creating
// the beacon. If the system does not support UDP broadcasts (lacking a
// workable interface), returns an empty hostname:
// // Pictures: 's' = C string, 'i' = int
// zsock_send (beacon, "si", "CONFIGURE", port_number);
// char *hostname = zstr_recv (beacon);
// Start broadcasting a beacon at a specified interval in msec. The beacon
// data can be at most UDP_FRAME_MAX bytes; this constant is defined in
// zsys.h to be 255:
// // Pictures: 'b' = byte * data + size_t size
// zsock_send (beacon, "sbi", "PUBLISH", data, size, interval);
// Stop broadcasting the beacon:
// zstr_sendx (beacon, "SILENCE", NULL);
// Start listening to beacons from peers. The filter is used to do a prefix
// match on received beacons, to remove junk. Note that any received data
// that is identical to our broadcast beacon_data is discarded in any case.
// If the filter size is zero, we get all peer beacons:
// zsock_send (beacon, "sb", "SUBSCRIBE", filter_data, filter_size);
// Stop listening to other peers
// zstr_sendx (beacon, "UNSUBSCRIBE", NULL);
// Receive next beacon from a peer. Received beacons are always a 2-frame
// message containing the ipaddress of the sender, and then the binary
// beacon data as published by the sender:
// zmsg_t *msg = zmsg_recv (beacon);
// This is the zbeacon constructor as a zactor_fn:
zbeacon (zsock_t *pipe, void *unused);
// Self test of this class
zbeacon_test (bool verbose);
// @end
#ifdef __cplusplus
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