Visual Studio 2012 and C++ Compatibility #118

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Upgrade project and solution files to Visual Studio 2012
Changes to headers to reduce conflicts with any C++ code that might be using CZMQ
Generate debug info for testing
Rearrange build process to be friendlier in Visual Studio
Resource file will populate version information in the DLL
Modify exporting of zctx_interrupted (Visual Studio doesn't seem to like exporting extern volatile data from shared libraries)
(This is all in preparation for my upcoming pull request that will port Zyre to C++11)
((First time contributor!))

pijyoi commented Feb 10, 2013

Your change of the API zctx_interrupted would break several examples in the zguide.


@Aluminus, I'm going to ask you to redo these changes. I've read a few of the commits but not all.

  • Please read the CLASS style guide at and before changing the code in a way that breaks this guide, discuss. E.g. moving variable declarations to the start of blocks... The problem is with your compiler settings, not the code.
  • Make fewer commits and do one thing per commit so they can be reviewed.
  • Best jump in with one commit that does one thing, so you know how things work.
@hintjens hintjens closed this Feb 10, 2013
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