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@sappo sappo released this Dec 31, 2017 · 401 commits to master since this release

CZMQ version 4.1.0 stable, released on 2017/12/31

  • New STABLE APIs have been added to wrap new libzmq context

    • zsys_set_thread_sched_policy
    • zsys_set_thread_priority
      See zsys manpage for more details.
  • New DRAFT class to parse command line arguments in a platform
    independent way: zargs. See zargs manpage for more info.

  • New DRAFT APIs have been added to the zproc class to manage
    subprocesses in a platform-independent unified API. See the
    zproc manpage for more details.

  • New DRAFT APIs have been added to the zactor class to override
    the default destructor:

    • zactor_destructor_fn
    • zactor_set_destructor
      See zactor manpage for more info.
  • New DRAFT APIs have been added to the zcertstore class to return
    a zlistx of all the certificates in the store:

    • zcertstore_certs
      See zcertstore manpage for more info.
  • New DRAFT APIs have been added to the zcert class to create a new
    zcert from public/secret keypair in text form:

    • zcert_new_from_txt
      See zcert manpage for more info.
  • New DRAFT APIs have been added to the zsys class to get/set the
    default "stable" age value of files in zfile:

    • zsys_file_stable_age_msec
    • zsys_set_file_stable_age_msec
      See zsys and zfile manpages for more info.
  • New DRAFT APIs have been added to the zstr class to send and receive
    compressed strings:

    • zstr_recv_compress
    • zstr_send_compress
    • zstr_sendm_compress
      To enable them, build with the new (optional) lz4 dependency.
      See zstr manpage for more info.
  • New DRAFT APIs have been added to the zgossip class to support CURVE

    • "ZAP DOMAIN" actor message to set the ZAP domain for authentication
    • "SET PUBLICKEY" actor message to set the local public key
    • "SET SECRETKEY" actor message to set the local secret key
    • new optional parameter appended to "CONNECT" actor message, public
      key of the server
      See zgossip manpage for more info.
  • New DRAFT APIs have been added to the zfile class to support managing
    temporary files in a platform independent way:

    • zfile_tmp
      See zfile manpage for more info.
  • New DRAFT APIs have been added to the zconfig class to support removing
    a node and its subtrees or only the subtrees:

    • zconfig_remove_subtree
    • zconfig_remove
      See zconfig manpage for more info.
  • Added new FFI Python and Ruby bindings.

  • Add support for new ZMQ socket monitoring events to the zmonitor class:

      Requires libzmq version 4.2.3 or higher with DRAFT APIs enabled.
  • Fixed #1811 - add CZMQ_BUILD_SHARED/STATIC options to CMake to control
    whether to build shared/static libraries. Default to ON.
    The minimum required CMake version has been bumped from
    2.8 to 2.8.8.

  • Fixed #1802 - fix using ziflist in a VirtualBox VM running on OSX.

  • Fixed #1798 - fix build on Cygwin.

  • Fixed #1773 - fix zfile_restat on Windows XP with newer MSVC++.

  • Fixed #1765 - fix build on OpenBSD.

  • Fixed #1755 - improve reliability of zproxy selftest in slower

  • Fixed #1753 - fix zloop_set_nonstop to actually use the parameter
    passed by the user rather than always setting
    nonstop to true.

  • Fixed #1747 - check for OOM condition in zstr_send* functions.

  • Fixed #1730 - improve the internal usage of system random generator
    APIs to be more reliable.

  • Fixed #1728 - chomp all leading "/" in zfile_filename.

  • Fixed #1726 - do not bind to hard-coded TCP ports in self tests.

  • Fixed #1722 - define the PRI* types if not available on Windows.

  • Fixed #1715 - document ZSYS_SIGHANDLER behaviour w.r.t. the
    zsys_catch_interrupts API.

  • Fixed #1712 - clarify zsock_brecv documentation w.r.t buffers.

  • Fixed #1711 - set User-Id field in ZAP responses.

  • Fixed #1710 - clarify documentation of zframe_meta - the caller
    must not modify the returned value.

  • Fixed #1702 - clarify documentation of zhashx_set_key_comparator
    and zhashx_set_key_hasher.

  • Fixed #1675 - fix zhashx_purge memory leak when shrinking.

  • Fixed #1672 - fix compile error 'sockaddr_in': undeclared
    identifier on MSVC.

  • Fixed #1671 - add support for new (DRAFT) socket types in
    zframe_recv_nowait and zmsg_recv_nowait.

  • Fixed #1671 - correctly complete multipart receives in

  • Fixed #1667 - if ZSYS_IPV6_ADDRESS is link-local but does not
    have the %interface suffix, append it from

  • Fixed #1659 - reset all CZMQ internal state in zsys_shutdown
    to facilitate use with fork without exec.

  • Fixed #1649 - set static pointers to NULL to fix restarting
    CZMQ via zsys_shutdown -> zsys_init.

  • Fixed #1644 - zbeacon on Windows only sends on one interfaces
    with INADDR_BROADCAST set (interface option "*").

  • Fixed #1634 - zloop is using reader callback after

  • Fixed #1632 - NULL pointer exception in ziflist on Windows
    if network adapters are added/removed whilst
    being enumerated.

  • Fixed #1623 - remove mentions of retired APIs from manpages.

  • Fixed #1618 - fix build with GCC 7.

  • Fixed #1616 - zsys_udp_recv will now return NULL when failing
    to retrieve the peer's address instead of
    silently failing.

  • Fixed #1616 - zsys_udp_recv's parameter peername must now be
    at least NI_MAXHOST long when IPv6 is enabled.

  • Fixed #1616 - add IPv6 support to zbeacon using, by default,
    link-local all-node address fe02::1 in lieu of
    broadcast (which does not exist on v6).
    The multicast address can be specified via zsys
    so, theoretically, it should work across
    multiple networks as well (untested!).

  • Fixed #1615 - add link-local all-node fe02::1 as the default
    zsys IPv6 multicast address.

  • Fixed #1615 - add IPv6 support to ziflist on *nix through new
    (DRAFT) APIs to avoid changing the output of old
    ones: ziflist_new_ipv6, ziflist_reload_ipv6 and

  • Fixed #1603 - generated socket options, and public API/ABI, were
    changing depending on the version of libzmq used
    at build time. Keep all the symbols stable instead
    and add additional runtime checks.
    Socket options APIs will now be built as empty
    stubs if unavailable in the libzmq version used at
    build time, and will return an error if not
    available in the libzmq version used at runtime.

  • Fixed #1609 - fix zdir selftest on Windows.

  • Fixed #1608 - document that on Windows it is necessary to call
    zsys_shutdown manually as DLLs do not support
    atexit() callbacks, and manually call it from all
    unit tests.

  • Fixed #1606 - use inproc instead of ipc in zproxy selftest to
    fix failure on Windows.

  • Fixed #1602 - ZSYS_INTERFACE: if the value is a single digit,
    interpret it as an index. Facilitates using it
    on Windows with complicated interface names.

  • Fixed #1599 - correctly handle CTRL_CLOSE_EVENT in Windows.

  • Fixed #1597 - added czmq_private_selftest to test private
    classes without exporting their symbols in the
    shared library.

  • Fixed #1597 - declare some internal-only helper functions as
    static to avoid exporting their symbols.

  • Fixed #1594 - correctly return -1 and set errno to EINVAL from
    zpoller_remove if the reader does not exist

  • Fixed #1590 - zsys_shutdown does not call zmq_term when it
    closes sockets which results in dangling sockets

  • Fixed #1588 - fix debian/kfreebsd build and always use external
    UUID library, if available, regardless of the OS.

  • Fixed #1459 - clarify zgossip documentation.

  • Fixed #1026 - zmsg_remove decreased count of frames even when it

  • Fixed #1032 - clarify documentation of zhash_autofree and zhashx

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