Erlang binding for 0MQ (v2)
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NIF based Erlang bindings for the ZeroMQ messaging library.

Copyright (c) 2011 Yurii Rashkovskii, Evax Software and Michael Truog


The erlzmq2 application provides high-performance NIF based Erlang bindings for the ZeroMQ messaging library.


The erlzmq2 source code can be found on GitHub

$ git clone


Please note that to behave properly on your system ZeroMQ might require some tuning.

Build the code

$ make

If you want to build against a specific version of ZeroMQ in the 3.1 series (not v3.1.0), use this:


Be aware that this will almost assuredly not work correctly for any versions of zeromq that are not in the 3.1 series.

Build the docs

$ make docs

Run the test suite

$ make test

Run the benchmarks (requires python and matplotlib)

$ make bench

This will run performance tests and output png graphs in the graphs directory.


The bindings use Erlang's NIF (native implemented functions) interface to achieve the best performance. One extra OS thread and one pair of inproc sockets by context are used to simulate blocking recv calls without affecting the Erlang virtual machine's responsiveness.


The project is released under the MIT license.