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acd1f90 @yrashk First simplistic prototype
yrashk authored
1 ebin/*.app
2 ebin/*.beam
3 priv/*.so
4 c_src/*.o
5 deps
99d4931 @evax Add benchmarking tool
evax authored
6 graphs
1851347 @yrashk Make perf helper build automatically, otherwise perf tests will simply h...
yrashk authored
7 perf/*.beam
91bcb6f @yrashk Ignore .eunit
yrashk authored
8 .eunit
0ef83f0 @yrashk Ignore generated documentation
yrashk authored
9 doc/edoc-info
10 doc/erlang.png
11 doc/ezmq.html
12 doc/index.html
13 doc/overview-summary.html
14 doc/packages-frame.html
15 doc/stylesheet.css
16 doc/modules-frame.html
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