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Remove chained targets in c_src/Makefile to avoid rebuild failures

There was a bug in the c_src/Makefile that caused the decompression and
renaming of the directory in the tar file with the C dependencies to happen
every time the project was built. The bug was experienced as a build
failure when recompiling for the third time. The error that was shown was:

mv: cannot move ‘zeromq-3.2.2’ to ‘zeromq3/zeromq-3.2.2’: Directory not empty

This was happening because the untarred directory's (zeromq3) date in the
filesystem was older than the one from the tar file (zeromq-3.2.2.tar.gz).
This was discovered by debugging the make process and seeing this message:

Prerequisite `../deps/zeromq-3.2.2.tar.gz' is newer than target `../deps/zeromq3'.
Must remake target `../deps/zeromq3'.

The problem was fix by avoiding chained targets in the Makefile.
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1 parent ec46734 commit f9eb4dee488239de6f0838636e1ee8d0435a5643 @jcomellas jcomellas committed Jun 28, 2013
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  1. +1 −5 c_src/Makefile
@@ -23,13 +23,9 @@ clean:
@rm -rf $(DEPS)
@mkdir -p $(DEPS)
-$(DEPS)/zeromq-$(ZEROMQ_VERSION).tar.gz: $(DEPS)
@curl$(ZEROMQ_VERSION).tar.gz -o $(DEPS)/zeromq-$(ZEROMQ_VERSION).tar.gz
-$(DEPS)/zeromq3: $(DEPS)/zeromq-$(ZEROMQ_VERSION).tar.gz
@cd $(DEPS) && tar xzvfp zeromq-$(ZEROMQ_VERSION).tar.gz && mv zeromq-$(ZEROMQ_VERSION) zeromq3
$(DEPS)/zeromq3/src/.libs/libzmq.a: $(DEPS)/zeromq3

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