make zeromq compilation optional #18

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Please add a way to compile the extension against an already compiled zeromq library, I am really afraid of basing any serious work on this library currently thinking of the nightmare it would be to deploy it in production.
In my cas I will already have a compiled zeromq somewhere on the system and I would rather uses it instead of recompiling it after pulling it from github :s

(for me a production server would not have git and worse it may not even have any direct internet access)


yrashk commented Jun 23, 2011

Julien, thanks for your input. I understand your concern. Let me think about how can this be done in a way that doesn't break existing behaviour.

Having an environment variable allowing to point to the location of an already compiled libzmq.a would be enough I think, something like:

ZMQ_LIB=/path/to/libzmq.a make

Would this be possible ?


yrashk commented Jun 23, 2011

Very likely so.

If you have a patch in mind, please feel free to send a pull request, as it will definitely speed things up here.

I am not that great with Makefiles but I will give it a try.

schmurfy closed this Dec 19, 2013

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