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mingw32 fixes

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commit f8e7d462a6c988c0a06c31ae14297fafe3bfba8a 1 parent 01fef41
@TTimo TTimo authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 builds/mingw32/Makefile.mingw32
4 builds/mingw32/Makefile.mingw32
@@ -2,13 +2,13 @@ CC=gcc
-OBJS = address.o clock.o ctx.o dealer.o decoder.o devpoll.o dist.o encoder.o epoll.o err.o fq.o \
+OBJS = address.o clock.o ctx.o dealer.o devpoll.o dist.o epoll.o err.o fq.o \
io_object.o io_thread.o ip.o ipc_address.o ipc_connecter.o ipc_listener.o kqueue.o lb.o \
mailbox.o msg.o mtrie.o object.o options.o own.o pair.o pgm_receiver.o pgm_sender.o \
pgm_socket.o pipe.o poll.o poller_base.o precompiled.o proxy.o pub.o pull.o push.o \
random.o raw_decoder.o raw_encoder.o reaper.o rep.o req.o router.o select.o session_base.o \
signaler.o socket_base.o stream_engine.o sub.o tcp.o tcp_address.o tcp_connecter.o tcp_listener.o \
- thread.o trie.o v1_decoder.o v1_encoder.o xpub.o xsub.o zmq.o zmq_utils.o
+ thread.o trie.o v1_decoder.o v1_encoder.o v2_decoder.o v2_encoder.o xpub.o xsub.o zmq.o zmq_utils.o
%.o: ../../src/%.cpp
$(CC) -c -o $@ $< $(CFLAGS)
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