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@sappo sappo released this Mar 21, 2018 · 1334 commits to master since this release

  • New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) socket options:

    • ZMQ_LOOPBACK_FASTPATH to enable faster TCP loopback on Windows
    • ZMQ_METADATA to set application-specific metadata on a socket
      See doc/zmq_setsockopt.txt and doc/zmq_getsockopt.txt for details.
  • New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) context options:

    • ZMQ_ZERO_COPY_RECV to disable zero-copy receive to save memory
      at the expense of slower performance
      See doc/zmq_ctx_set.txt and doc/zmq_ctx_get.txt for details.
  • New DRAFT API zmq_stopwatch_intermediate which returns the time
    elapsed without stopping the stopwatch.

  • TIPC: support addressing TIPC Port Identity addresses.

  • Added CMake option to disable tests: BUILD_TESTS

  • Added CMake and autotools make targets to support clang-formatter:
    make clang-format, clang-format-check and clang-format-diff to
    help developers make sure their code conforms to the style guidelines

  • For distributors: a new test framework has been added, which
    includes a copy of the Unity source code. This source code library is
    distributed under the MIT license and thus is compatible with
    libzmq's LGPL3.

  • Fixed #2867 - add to distributable tarball

  • Fixed #2868 - fix OpenBSD build

  • Fixed #2870 - fix VC++ 11.0 (VS2012) build

  • Fixed #2879 - prevent duplicate connections on PUB sockets

  • Fixed #2872 - fix CMake tests on Windows

  • Fixed #2895 - fix assert on Windows with POLL

  • Fixed #2920 - fix Windows build with Intel compiler

  • Fixed #2930 - use std::atomic when available with VC++ and VS2015

  • Fixed #2910 - fix race condition with ZMQ_LINGER socket option

  • Fixed #2927 - add support for ZMQ_XPUB_NODROP on ZMQ_RADIO

  • Fixed #2820 - further clarify ZMQ_XPUB_VERBOSE(R) documentation.

  • Fixed #2911 - ZMQ_DISH over UDP triggers errno_assert() after hitting

  • Fixed #2942 - ZMQ_PUB crash when due to high volume of subscribe and
    unsubscribe messages, an unmatched unsubscribe message is
    received in certain conditions

  • Fixed #2946 - fix Windows CMake build when BUILD_SHARED is off

  • Fixed #2960 - fix build with GCC 8

  • Fixed #2967 - fix race condition on thread safe sockets due to pthread
    condvar timeouts on OSX

  • Fixed #2977 - fix TIPC build-time availability check to be more relaxed

  • Fixed #2966 - add support for WindRiver VxWorks 6.x

  • Fixed #2963 - fix some PVS Studio static analysis warnings

  • Fixed #2983 - fix MinGW cross-compilation

  • Fixed #2991 - fix mutex assert at shutdown when the zmq context is part
    of a class declared as a global static

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