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This project was started and continues to be led by Brian E. Granger (ellisonbg AT gmail DOT com). Min Ragan-Kelley (benjaminrk AT gmail DOT com) is the primary developer of pyzmq at this time.

The following people have contributed to the project:

  • Alexander Else (alexander DOT else AT team DOT telstra DOT com)
  • Andrea Crotti (andrea DOT crotti DOT 0 AT gmail DOT com)
  • Andrew Gwozdziewycz (git AT apgwoz DOT com)
  • Baptiste Lepilleur (baptiste DOT lepilleur AT gmail DOT com)
  • Brandyn A. White (bwhite AT dappervision DOT com)
  • Brian E. Granger (ellisonbg AT gmail DOT com)
  • Carlos A. Rocha (carlos DOT rocha AT gmail DOT com)
  • Christian Wyglendowski (christian AT bu DOT mp)
  • Cyril Holweck (cyril DOT holweck AT free DOT fr)
  • Dan Colish (dcolish AT gmail DOT com)
  • Daniel Lundin (dln AT spotify DOT com)
  • Daniel Truemper (truemped AT googlemail DOT com)
  • Douglas Creager (douglas DOT creager AT redjack DOT com)
  • Eduardo Stalinho (eduardooc DOT 86 AT gmail DOT com)
  • Erick Tryzelaar (erick DOT tryzelaar AT gmail DOT com)
  • Erik Tollerud (erik DOT tollerud AT gmail DOT com)
  • FELD Boris (lothiraldan AT gmail DOT com)
  • Felipe cruz (felipecruz AT loogica DOT net)
  • Fernando Perez (Fernando DOT Perez AT berkeley DOT edu)
  • Frank Wiles (frank AT revsys DOT com)
  • Gavrie Philipson (gavriep AT il DOT ibm DOT com)
  • Godefroid Chapelle (gotcha AT bubblenet DOT be)
  • Ivo Danihelka (ivo AT danihelka DOT net)
  • John Gallagher (johnkgallagher AT gmail DOT com)
  • Justin Riley (justin DOT t DOT riley AT gmail DOT com)
  • Marc Abramowitz (marc AT marc-abramowitz DOT com)
  • Michel Pelletier (pelletier DOT michel AT gmail DOT com)
  • Min Ragan-Kelley (benjaminrk AT gmail DOT com)
  • Nicholas Piël (nicholas AT nichol DOT as)
  • Nick Pellegrino (npellegrino AT mozilla DOT com)
  • Ondrej Certik (ondrej AT certik DOT cz)
  • Paul Colomiets (paul AT colomiets DOT name)
  • Robert Jordens (jordens AT gmail DOT com)
  • Ryan Cox (ryan DOT a DOT cox AT gmail DOT com)
  • Scott Sadler (github AT mashi DOT org)
  • Stefan Friesel (sf AT cloudcontrol DOT de)
  • Stefan van der Walt (stefan AT sun DOT ac DOT za)
  • Stephen Diehl (stephen DOT m DOT diehl AT gmail DOT com)
  • Thomas Kluyver (takowl AT gmail DOT com)
  • Thomas Spura (tomspur AT fedoraproject DOT org)
  • Tigger Bear (Tigger AT Tiggers-Mac-mini DOT local)
  • Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek (zbyszek AT in DOT waw DOT pl)
  • hugo shi (hugoshi AT bleb2 DOT (none))
  • jdgleeson (jdgleeson AT mac DOT com)
  • kyledj (kyle AT bucebuce DOT com)
  • spez (steve AT hipmunk DOT com)

as reported by:

git log --all --format='- %aN (%aE)' | sort -u | sed 's/@/ AT /1' | sed -e 's/\./ DOT /g'

with some adjustments.

Not in git log

  • Brandon Craig-Rhodes (brandon AT rhodesmill DOT org)
  • Eugene Chernyshov (chernyshov DOT eugene AT gmail DOT com)
  • Craig Austin (craig DOT austin AT gmail DOT com)

gevent_zeromq, now

  • Travis Cline (travis DOT cline AT gmail DOT com)
  • Ryan Kelly (ryan AT rfk DOT id DOT au)
  • Zachary Voase (z AT zacharyvoase DOT com)
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