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"""A Socket subclass that adds some serialization methods."""
import zlib
import pickle
import numpy
import zmq
class SerializingSocket(zmq.Socket):
"""A class with some extra serialization methods
send_zipped_pickle is just like send_pyobj, but uses
zlib to compress the stream before sending.
send_array sends numpy arrays with metadata necessary
for reconstructing the array on the other side (dtype,shape).
def send_zipped_pickle(self, obj, flags=0, protocol=-1):
"""pack and compress an object with pickle and zlib."""
pobj = pickle.dumps(obj, protocol)
zobj = zlib.compress(pobj)
print('zipped pickle is %i bytes' % len(zobj))
return self.send(zobj, flags=flags)
def recv_zipped_pickle(self, flags=0):
"""reconstruct a Python object sent with zipped_pickle"""
zobj = self.recv(flags)
pobj = zlib.decompress(zobj)
return pickle.loads(pobj)
def send_array(self, A, flags=0, copy=True, track=False):
"""send a numpy array with metadata"""
md = dict(
dtype = str(A.dtype),
shape = A.shape,
self.send_json(md, flags|zmq.SNDMORE)
return self.send(A, flags, copy=copy, track=track)
def recv_array(self, flags=0, copy=True, track=False):
"""recv a numpy array"""
md = self.recv_json(flags=flags)
msg = self.recv(flags=flags, copy=copy, track=track)
A = numpy.frombuffer(msg, dtype=md['dtype'])
return A.reshape(md['shape'])
class SerializingContext(zmq.Context):
_socket_class = SerializingSocket
def main():
ctx = SerializingContext()
req = ctx.socket(zmq.REQ)
rep = ctx.socket(zmq.REP)
A = numpy.ones((1024,1024))
print ("Array is %i bytes" % (A.nbytes))
# send/recv with pickle+zip
B = rep.recv_zipped_pickle()
# now try non-copying version
rep.send_array(A, copy=False)
C = req.recv_array(copy=False)
print ("Checking zipped pickle...")
print ("Okay" if (A==B).all() else "Failed")
print ("Checking send_array...")
print ("Okay" if (C==B).all() else "Failed")
if __name__ == '__main__':