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Zmqstream #31

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ZMQStream now provides complete socket interface, excluding recv methods and direct socket properties.

all send_*
all bind*/connect
all get/setsockopt

socket_type (should this be included?)

Also included: socket.close() inside stream.close() is now a DelayedCallback, preventing it from blocking iostream's logging, at least for the error that caused stream.close() to be called.


This looks great, I would no ahead and merge.

This issue was closed.
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Showing with 51 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +51 −8 zmq/eventloop/
59 zmq/eventloop/
@@ -16,8 +16,10 @@
"""A utility class to send to and recv from a non-blocking socket."""
import logging
-import time
import zmq
+from zmq.core.socket import json, pickle
import ioloop
from queue import Queue
@@ -29,18 +31,18 @@ class ZMQStream(object):
For use with zmq.eventloop.ioloop
- There are 3 main methods:
+ There are 4 main methods:
register a callback to be run every time the socket has something to receive
register a callback to be run every time you call send
register a callback to be run every time there is an error
- send(msg, callback=None)
+ send(self, msg, flags=0, copy=False, callback=None):
perform a send that will trigger the callback
if callback is passed, on_send is also called
- There is also send_multipart()
+ There are also send_multipart(), send_json, send_pyobj
Two other methods for deactivating the callbacks:
@@ -51,6 +53,13 @@ class ZMQStream(object):
turn off the error callback
All of which simply call on_<evt>(None).
+ The entire socket interface, excluding direct recv methods, is also
+ provided, primarily through direct-linking the methods.
+ e.g.
+ >>> stream.bind is stream.socket.bind
+ True
@@ -73,9 +82,13 @@ def __init__(self, socket, io_loop=None):
# shortcircuit some socket methods
self.bind = self.socket.bind
+ self.bind_to_random_port = self.socket.bind_to_random_port
self.connect = self.socket.connect
self.setsockopt = self.socket.setsockopt
self.getsockopt = self.socket.getsockopt
+ self.setsockopt_unicode = self.socket.setsockopt_unicode
+ self.getsockopt_unicode = self.socket.getsockopt_unicode
def stop_on_recv(self):
"""Disable callback and automatic receiving."""
@@ -184,15 +197,42 @@ def send_multipart(self, msg, flags=0, copy=False, callback=None):
# noop callback
self.on_send(lambda *args: None)
+ def send_unicode(self, u, flags=0, encoding='utf-8', callback=None):
+ """Send a unicode message with an encoding.
+ See zmq.socket.send_unicode for details.
+ """
+ if not isinstance(u, basestring):
+ raise TypeError("unicode/str objects only")
+ return self.send(u.encode(encoding), flags=flags, callback=callback)
+ def send_json(self, obj, flags=0, callback=None):
+ """Send json-serialized version of an object.
+ See zmq.socket.send_json for details.
+ """
+ if json is None:
+ raise ImportError('cjson, json or simplejson library is required.')
+ else:
+ msg = json.dumps(obj)
+ return self.send(msg, flags=flags, callback=callback)
+ def send_pyobj(self, obj, flags=0, protocol=-1, callback=None):
+ """Send a Python object as a message using pickle to serialize.
+ See zmq.socket.send_json for details.
+ """
+ msg = pickle.dumps(obj, protocol)
+ return self.send(msg, flags, callback=callback)
def set_close_callback(self, callback):
"""Call the given callback when the stream is closed."""
self._close_callback = callback
def close(self):
"""Close this stream."""
if self.socket is not None:
- self.socket.close()
+ dc = ioloop.DelayedCallback(self.socket.close, 100, self.io_loop)
+ dc.start()
self.socket = None
if self._close_callback:
@@ -271,10 +311,13 @@ def _handle_send(self):
msg = self._send_queue.get()
- queue = self.socket.send_multipart(*msg)
+ try:
+ status = self.socket.send_multipart(*msg)
+ except zmq.ZMQError, e:
+ status = e
if self._send_callback:
callback = self._send_callback
- self._run_callback(callback, msg, queue)
+ self._run_callback(callback, msg, status)
# unregister from event loop:
if not self.sending():
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