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PyZMQ: Python bindings for zeromq

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PyZMQ: Python bindings for ØMQ

This package contains Python bindings for ØMQ. ØMQ is a lightweight and fast messaging implementation.

PyZMQ should work with libzmq ≥ 2.1.4 (including libzmq 3.2.x), and Python ≥ 2.6 (including Python 3).


Current release of pyzmq is, and targets libzmq-2.2.0. For libzmq 2.0.x, use pyzmq release or the 2.0.x development branch.

pyzmq-2.1.11 was the last version of pyzmq to support Python 2.5, and pyzmq ≥ 2.2.0 requires Python ≥ 2.6.

PyZMQ releases ≤ 2.2.0 matched libzmq versioning, but this will no longer be the case. To avoid confusion with the contemporary libzmq-3.2 major version release, PyZMQ is jumping to 13.0 (it will be the thirteenth release, so why not?). PyZMQ ≥ 13.0 will follow semantic versioning conventions accounting only for PyZMQ itself.

For a summary of changes to pyzmq, see our changelog.

ØMQ 3.x

PyZMQ ≥ 2.2.0 fully supports the 3.x API of libzmq, developed at zeromq/libzmq. No code to change, no flags to pass, just build pyzmq against libzmq3 and it should work.


See PyZMQ's Sphinx-generated documentation on GitHub for API details, and some notes on Python and Cython development. If you want to learn about using ØMQ in general, the excellent ØMQ Guide is the place to start, which has a Python version of every example. We also have some information on our wiki


Unless you specifically want to develop PyZMQ, we recommend downloading the PyZMQ source code, eggs, or MSI installer from PyPI.

You can also get the latest source code from our GitHub repository, but building from the repository will require that you install Cython version 0.15 or later.

Building and installation

For more detail on building pyzmq, see our Wiki.

We build eggs for OS X and Windows, so we generally recommend that those platforms use easy_install pyzmq, but pip install pyzmq should on most platforms as well.

To build pyzmq from the git repo requires Cython.


This project was started and continues to be led by Brian E. Granger (ellisonbg AT gmail DOT com). Min Ragan-Kelley (benjaminrk AT gmail DOT com) is the primary developer of pyzmq at this time.

The following people have contributed to the project:

  • Andrea Crotti (andrea DOT crotti DOT 0 AT gmail DOT com)
  • Andrew Gwozdziewycz (git AT apgwoz DOT com)
  • Baptiste Lepilleur (baptiste DOT lepilleur AT gmail DOT com)
  • Brandyn A. White (bwhite AT dappervision DOT com)
  • Brian E. Granger (ellisonbg AT gmail DOT com)
  • Carlos A. Rocha (carlos DOT rocha AT gmail DOT com)
  • Daniel Lundin (dln AT spotify DOT com)
  • Daniel Truemper (truemped AT googlemail DOT com)
  • Erick Tryzelaar (erick DOT tryzelaar AT gmail DOT com)
  • Erik Tollerud (erik DOT tollerud AT gmail DOT com)
  • Fernando Perez (Fernando DOT Perez AT berkeley DOT edu)
  • Frank Wiles (frank AT revsys DOT com)
  • Gavrie Philipson (gavriep AT il DOT ibm DOT com)
  • Godefroid Chapelle (gotcha AT bubblenet DOT be)
  • Ivo Danihelka (ivo AT danihelka DOT net)
  • John Gallagher (johnkgallagher AT gmail DOT com)
  • Justin Riley (justin DOT t DOT riley AT gmail DOT com)
  • Marc Abramowitz (marc AT marc-abramowitz DOT com)
  • Michel Pelletier (pelletier DOT michel AT gmail DOT com)
  • Min Ragan-Kelley (benjaminrk AT gmail DOT com)
  • Nicholas Piël (nicholas AT nichol DOT as)
  • Nick Pellegrino (npellegrino AT mozilla DOT com)
  • Ondrej Certik (ondrej AT certik DOT cz)
  • Paul Colomiets (paul AT colomiets DOT name)
  • Scott Sadler (github AT mashi DOT org)
  • Stefan Friesel (sf AT cloudcontrol DOT de)
  • Stefan van der Walt (stefan AT sun DOT ac DOT za)
  • Thomas Kluyver (takowl AT gmail DOT com)
  • Thomas Spura (tomspur AT fedoraproject DOT org)
  • Tigger Bear (Tigger AT Tiggers-Mac-mini DOT local)
  • Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek (zbyszek AT in DOT waw DOT pl)
  • hugo shi (hugoshi AT bleb2 DOT (none))
  • spez (steve AT hipmunk DOT com)

as reported by:

git log --all --format='* %aN (%aE)' | sort -u | sed 's/@/ AT /1' | sed -e 's/\./ DOT /g'

with some adjustments.

Not in git log

  • Brandon Craig-Rhodes (brandon AT rhodesmill DOT org)
  • Eugene Chernyshov (chernyshov DOT eugene AT gmail DOT com)
  • Douglas Creager (dcreager AT dcreager DOT net)
  • Craig Austin (craig DOT austin AT gmail DOT com)

gevent_zeromq, now

  • Travis Cline (travis DOT cline AT gmail DOT com)
  • Ryan Kelly (ryan AT rfk DOT id DOT au)
  • Zachary Voase (z AT zacharyvoase DOT com)
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