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/* =========================================================================
zdiscgoplugin - Plugin API
Copyright (c) the Contributors as noted in the AUTHORS file.
This file is part of zdiscgo.
This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
file, You can obtain one at
zdiscgoplugin - Plugin API
#include "zdiscgo_classes.h"
// Structure of our class
struct _zdiscgoplugin_t {
void *handle;
char * (*discover)(go_str, go_str);
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Create a new zdiscgoplugin
zdiscgoplugin_t *
zdiscgoplugin_new (char *libpath)
zdiscgoplugin_t *self = (zdiscgoplugin_t *) zmalloc (sizeof (zdiscgoplugin_t));
assert (self);
self->handle = dlopen (libpath, RTLD_NOW);
if (!self->handle)
return NULL;
#pragma GCC diagnostic push
#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-pedantic"
self->discover = (char * (*)(go_str, go_str)) dlsym(self->handle, "ZDiscgoDiscoverEndpoints");
if (!self->discover)
return NULL;
#pragma GCC diagnostic pop
return self;
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Get endpoint list from a Go library
const char *
zdiscgoplugin_discover_endpoints (zdiscgoplugin_t *self, char *url, char *key) {
go_str discover_url = {url, strlen (url)};
go_str discover_key = {key, strlen (key)};
char *endpoints = self->discover (discover_url, discover_key);
return endpoints;
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Destroy the zdiscgoplugin
zdiscgoplugin_destroy (zdiscgoplugin_t **self_p)
assert (self_p);
if (*self_p) {
zdiscgoplugin_t *self = *self_p;
free (self);
*self_p = NULL;
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Self test of this class
zdiscgoplugin_test (bool verbose)
printf (" * zdiscgoplugin: ");
// Note: If your selftest reads SCMed fixture data, please keep it in
// src/selftest-ro; if your test creates filesystem objects, please
// do so under src/selftest-rw. They are defined below along with a
// usecase (asert) to make compilers happy.
const char *SELFTEST_DIR_RO = "src/selftest-ro";
const char *SELFTEST_DIR_RW = "src/selftest-rw";
// std::string str_SELFTEST_DIR_RO = std::string(SELFTEST_DIR_RO);
// std::string str_SELFTEST_DIR_RW = std::string(SELFTEST_DIR_RW);
// @selftest
// Simple create/destroy test
char *libpath = zsys_sprintf ("%s/", SELFTEST_DIR_RO);
assert (libpath != NULL);
zdiscgoplugin_t *self = zdiscgoplugin_new (libpath);
assert (self);
zstr_free (&libpath);
const char *endpoints = zdiscgoplugin_discover_endpoints (self, "url", "key");
assert (streq ("inproc://url-key", endpoints));
zdiscgoplugin_destroy (&self);
// Test behavior when a bad lib path is passed
self = zdiscgoplugin_new ("/does/not/exist");
assert (!self);
// @end
printf ("OK\n");