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Zyre version 2.0.1 stable, released on 20xx/xx/xx
Zyre version 2.0.0 stable, released on 2017/01/20
* v2.0.0 breaks API and ABI compatibility with the previous version.
The ABI SONAME version has been bumped to 2.
* The current zyre and zyre_event APIs have been declared STABLE, and will
no longer change in an backward-incompatible way until they are DEPRECATED
and then RETIRED.
* The following backward-incompatbile changes have been made to the previously
- old: void zyre_version (int* major, int* minor, int* patch)
new: uint64_t zyre_version (void)
- old: zyre_event_type_t zyre_event_type (zyre_event_t *self)
new: const char *zyre_event_type (zyre_event_t *self)
The following symbols have been removed:
- zyre_set_endpoint ( zyre_t* self, char const* format, ... )
- zyre_shouts ( zyre_t* self, char const* group, char const* format, ... )
- zyre_whispers ( zyre_t* self, char const* peer, char const* format, ... )
- enum zyre_event_type_t
* The ZRE MSG class is now private and its symbols are no longer exported.
* The following new APIs have been added to the Zyre class:
- zyre_set_evasive_timeout
- zyre_set_expired_timeout
- zyre_peers_by_group
See doc/zyre.txt for more information.
* The following new APIs have been added to the Zyre Event class:
- zyre_event_get_msg
See doc/zyre_event.txt for more information.
* The zpinger program has a new option: -6/--ipv6, runs over IPv6.
NOTE: needs support from CZMQ, will work only if Zbeacon supports IPv6.
* The examples/chat program is now building again.
* Many bug fixes. See git log on
for more information.
Zyre version 1.0.0 stable, released on 2014/05/03
This is stable version 1.0.0.