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zyre 2.0.1

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@sappo sappo released this 24 Jan 10:35

Zyre version 2.0.1 stable, released on 2021/01/22

  • New features in DRAFT state

    • Leader election, allows to elect a group leader between participating peers
  • The following new APIs have been added to the Zyre class:

    • zyre_set_silent_timeout (zyre_t *self, int interval)
  • The following new DRAFT APIs have been added to the Zyre class:

    • zyre_set_beacon_peer_port (zyre_t *self, int port_nbr)
    • zyre_set_contest_in_group (zyre_t *self, const char *group)
    • zyre_set_advertised_endpoint (zyre_t *self, const char *group)
    • zyre_set_zcert (zyre_t *self, zcert_t *zcert_t)
    • zyre_set_zap_domain (zyre_t *self, const char *domain)
    • zyre_gossip_connect_curve (zyre_t *self, const)
    • zyre_gossip_unpublish (zyre_t *self, const char *node)
    • zyre_require_peer (zyre_t *self, const char *uuid, const char *endpoint, const char *public_key)
    • zyre_socket_zmq (zyre_t *self)
  • The following new DRAFT symbols have been added:

    • #define ZAP_DOMAIN_DEFAULT "global" # Default ZAP domain (auth)
  • Many bug fixes. See git log on
    for more information.