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# DVBLink Remote API Library
libdvblinkremote is a pure C++ DVBLink Remote API static library.
-## dvblinkremote
+Current version of library: 0.2.0 BETA (supporting DVBLink Remote API version 0.2)
+## dvblinkremote command line tool
A command line tool for interacting with a DVBLink Connect! Server using the DVBLink Remote API. This tool are using the libdvblinkremote.
+## 3rd party dependencies
+### libcurl
+Required dependency for the command line tool, but can be excluded in build if you would like to implement your own http client.
+### TinyXML-2
+This dependency is required.
+## API library documentation
+## Compiling on Windows (Visual Studio 2010)
+### 1. Setup CMake
+1. Download and install CMake:
+2. Configure CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH to point at installed directories for libcurl and TinyXML-2.
+ One way of doing this is to define this by configuring a environment variable.
+ Example configuration:
+ >Variable name: CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH
+ >Variable value: C:/Program Files (x86)/curl-7.21.6;C:/Program Files (x86)/tinyxml2
+ Another way of doing this is to supply the configuration when configuring CMake (see below), but how to achive that is not covered here.
+### 2. Configure DVBLink Remote API Library with CMake
+Open up a new Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010)
+ ```shell
+ # Navigate to DVBLink Remote API Library root folder:
+ cd <DVBLink Remote API Library root>
+ # Create a new folder, for example build, and navigate to it:
+ mkdir build
+ cd build
+ # Create a new folder, for example vs2010:
+ mkdir vs2010
+ cd vs2010
+ # Configure CMake to include curl support and command line tool in build.
+ # API documentation requires doxygen and is excluded here.
+ # Tell CMake to execute a release build and install DVBLink Remote API Library.
+ # Default install folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\dvblinkremote or similar.
+ cd ..
+ cmake --build vs2010 --target "INSTALL" --config "Release" --clean-first
+ # Tell CMake to execute a release build and package the DVBLink Remote API Library in ZIP archive.
+ # Default install folder is <build dir>.
+ cmake --build vs2010 --target "PACKAGE" --config "Release" --clean-first
+ ```
+## Compiling on non-Windows environments
+This has not been tested by me! If you would like to try you're more than welcome, but chances are that you need to tweak the CMake files a bit.
+Please fork this repo and make neccessary CMake changes (if needed) and hand me a pull request. Thanks in advance.
## More Information
For more information, please see [DVBLogic official homepage]( and [DVBLink Remote API documentation](
-## 3rd party dependencies
## License (MIT)
Copyright (c) 2012 Marcus Efraimsson

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