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It's just one more BRM in Python.



  1. This BRM engine dosn't have actions.
  2. Rules applied one by one (sequencially) to the scalar(s), vector(s), matrix(s) or tensor(s) level and return 0 (false) or 1 (true)
  3. Rules functions may have more then one argument (it can be scalar, vector, matrix or tensor)
  4. All elements ( function, scalar, vector, matrix or tensor) of BRM engine are symbolic and symbolic
  5. Symbolic logical(boolean) and mathematical operations applied on top of all elements (function, scalar, vector, matrix or tensor)
  6. Result of this BRM operation the scalar value 0(false)/1...n where n how many rules a completed on vectors,matrix or tensors level
  7. Library used: "Theano symbolic library"

"Django Web project. " Solution wrapped as Visual Studio project.


This BRM engine is perfect tool (goal function) for optimal scenarious required to find best set arrangement of vector, matrix , tensor