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Amun was the first python-based low-interaction honeypot, following the concepts of Nepenthes but extending it with more sophisticated emulation and easier maintenance.


  • Pyhon >= 2.6 (no Python3 support yet)
  • (optional) Python Psyco (available at
  • (optional) MySQLdb if submit-mysql or log-mysql is used
  • (optional) psycopg2 if log-surfnet is used


  • Clone Git repository: git clone
  • Edit Amun main configuration file: vim conf/amun.conf
    • for example set the ip address for Amun to listen on ( to listen on all)
    • enable or disbale vulnerability modules as needed
  • start the Amun by issuing: ./amun_server

Tips and Tricks

In case you encounter problems with too many open files due to a lot of attackers hitting your honeypot at the same time, the following settings can be adjusted:

  • To increase the maximum number of open files on Linux:
    • echo "104854" > /proc/sys/fs/file-max
    • ulimit -Hn 104854
    • ulimit -n 104854
  • To increase the maximum number of open files on BSD:
    • sysctl kern.maxfiles=104854
    • ulimit -Hn 104854
    • ulimit -n 104854


All logging information are stored in the "logs" subdirectory of your Amun installation. Following log files will be created:

  • amun_server.log
    • contains general information, errors, and alive messages of the amun server
  • amun_request_handler.log
    • contains information about unknown exploits and not matched exploit stages
  • analysis.log
    • contains information about manual shellcode analysis (performed via the -a option)
  • download.log
    • contains information about all download modules (ftp, tftp, bindport, etc...)
  • exploits.log
    • contains information about all exploits that where triggert
  • shellcode_manager.log
    • contains information and errors of the shellcode manager
  • submissions.log
    • contains information about unique downloads
  • successfull_downloads.log
    • contains information about all downloaded malware
  • unknown_downloads.log
    • contains information about unknown download methods
  • vulnerabilities.log
    • contains information about certain vulnerability modules


Amun can be executed with -a parameter to analyse a given file for known shellcode instead of running the honeypot.

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